Rich tribute paid by CG Yang Yundong to the News Lark and its team

(Karachi): The News Lark Team visited the Chinese Consulate and celebrated the 103rd foundation ceremony of the Foundation of the Communist Party of China (CPC) with Chinese friends. This celebration was part of the News Lark’s efforts to promote Pakistan- China Friendship. His Excellency Mr. Yang Yundong was the heart and soul of this event. He appreciated the contribution of the News Lark for promoting Pak-China friendship and highlighted the role played by the CPC for the integrity, prosperity, and development of China. He said that the CPC is led by people with great qualities and its members are selected purely on a merit basis. He further said China believes in development and it is a partner of Pakistan in the journey of development, prosperity, and peace. He said terrorists are the enemies not only of the Chinese but also of Pakistan, its peace and development. Mr. Jawed Ahmed Malik, Chief Editor of the News Lark thanked His Excellency Mr. Yang Yundong and his team for their kindness and hospitality. He said the News Lark is fully dedicated to promoting Pakistan-China friendship and it feels great pride and satisfaction for this.

Dr. Syed Mehboob said that the Communist Party of China (CPC) has a long history of struggle, and sacrifices for the independence of China and to make it free from all sorts of oppression, and exploitation and consists of highly patriotic and capable people. He further said that it is the second-largest political party in the world with a strength of 99.18 million members. It was formed in 1921 and under the visionary leadership of Mao Zedong it became a great power and played a vital role in the progress, development, and prosperity of China. Last year 1.4 million more people joined it. It has 30.18 million female members 30.4% of the total. Its 56% members are college graduates and last year it held 1.26 million sessions to educate, train, and guide its members. He said that with the full support of Mr. Jawed Malik, he has a great commitment and dedication to promote Pakistan-China friendship and produced more than thirty research-based articles on China.

Mr. Yusuf Malik and Saeed Balouch also spoke on the occasion and thanked CG for inviting them to such a dignified event.

At the end of the event, the cake was cut with great applause and clapping. Such events are very important as these efforts encourage Chinese and they feel the love and warmth of Pakistan China Friendship which is greater than Himalaya and deeper than oceans.




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