Lost mobile of a citizen found at Agha Khan road handed over to it’s master
The citizen thanked Preedy Traffic Police, It’s Section Office and Constable Naimat Ali
( Karachi) : A general perception about Police is that it always create troubles for citizens, demand extortion, bribe and are always misbehave , talk harshly with citizens but there is also other side of the coin. There are good policemen also who always cooperate and help people and are the real picture of the slogan” Police ka hai fard madad aap ki” ( it is duty of police to help you) . Among those good policemen one example is traffic section officer of Preedy Traffic Police and it’s constable Naimat Ali who have done excellent job by returning a lost mobile phone which was found by constable Naimat Ali at Agha Khan road . He approached to Section officer who traced the master of this phone called him on police station and handed over him his mobile. The citizen was in pleasant surprise and thanked SO Preedy Traffic Police and Constable Naimat Ali. Such honest and helping policemen are the image builders of their department and must be praised . We always criticize police but when ever we see or observe any positive side of theirs we should not hesitate to encourage them and should praise them.as they deserve



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