APP60-050624 SHENZHEN: June 05 - Federal Minister for Board of Investment, Privatization and Communications, Abdul Aleem Khan, Federal Minister for Commerce Jam Kamal Khan and Federal Minister for Industries and Production, Rana Tanveer Hussain witnessing MOUs at Pakistan China Business Conference. APP/IQJ/ABB

ISLAMABAD:Minister for Privatization and Board of Investment, Abdul Aleem Khan, on Wednesday said that thirty two memorandum of understanding (MoUs) were signed at the Pakistan-China Business Forum held in Shenzhen, China which would help boost bilateral trade and investment relations between the two countries.
He mentioned that 500 chinese companies and 100 companies from Pakistan participated in the forum. Additionally, successful bilateral negotiations were conducted with chinese companies, said a press release received here today.

The minister highlighted that during the Prime Minister’s current visit to China, detailed discussions were held regarding the promotion of business activities between the two countries.
Ministers for the Board of Investment and Commerce also held meetings with chief executive officers of major chinese companies.
Abdul Aleem Khan emphasized that this was an excellent opportunity for the Pakistani business community to encourage chinese investments, ultimately boosting exports. He indicated that this conference provided a platform for long-term business ties between the two sides.

In discussions with business entrepreneurs, Abdul Aleem Khan assured that Pakistan would fully support chinese companies in establishing business activities. Moreover, the private sector will have complete freedom to invest in energy, infrastructure development, farming, engineering construction, and logistics sectors.
He noted the encouraging participation of prominent Pakistani businessmen in a visit to China, mentioning significant investment opportunities in various sectors including the hotel industry, tourism, culture, sports goods, textile, decoration industry, and airport designing.
Abdul Aleem Khan emphasized Pakistan’s full potential and abundant natural resources, stating that promoting business activities on a large scale would drive the economy and generate employment opportunities for the youth.
The minister also conducted consultative meetings with important Chinese business groups, discussing bilateral proposals and finalizing plans to further enhance cooperation.


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