Karachi:Amir Thara & Mehboob Nizamani, Organized an event on Climate Change and need for education as the two most immediate threats facing Humanity as prescribed by UN SDG Goals.The Seminar was attended by social organizations and workers amongst the many illustrious guest was Governor Sindh Kamran Tissori, Cemal Sangu (Turkish CG) and Climate Change Advocate & Businessman Irfan Pardesi, (Actor-Writer-Consultant HMR Group), Sajid Hasan also spoke on UN occasion speakers lauded an efforts of Mr. Amir Thara welcomed the guest and addressed the need to join the world in addressing the issue of education and global warming.Speaking on the occasion Governor Kamran Tissori reiterated the resolve of Pakistan Government in talking this global threat. He also thanked the organizers for bringing together social workers and different organization under one roof.”Plastics waste and its proper disposal is a special focus”.

Mr. Kaka Khel proposed Water Management that could save rain water and stop flooding. Irfan Pardesi, Climate Change Advocate, in his speech pointed out that consumerism is killing the environment far faster than ever before with America leading the way to this disaster, being the biggest consumer in the world.
“Pakistan needs to explore the potential of carbon credits for which there is an urgent need to setup a carbon registry by the government of Pakistan”. Irfan Pardesi added.
Sajid Hasan stressed the need for education specially science to be focused in the coming years, AI (Artificial Intelligence) and a completely computerized world is a challenge for our education system we need prioritize science and technology.


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