By Dr.Syed Mehboob

Research Scholar, Analyst

Pakistan is the only country on earth which flag represents its minorities. The white portion of Pakistani flag represents minorities and the constitute of Pakistan guarantees, protects the rights of minorities. Pakistan Alhamdulillah despite some difficulties has improved a lot in terms of minorities’ rights their recognition, protection and providing them opportunities to play their role for the development, progress, prosperity and defence of Pakistan. Religious extremism is the enemy of Pakistan and there is a need we have to follow the ideology of Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, who was staunch supporter of minorities.

Pakistan Army is like a garden where there are different types of flowers which have different colours, fragrances but they have commonalities, they are all Pakistanis, united, committed and concentrated fully to defend Pakistan. There are number of minorities in Pakistan Army who are serving for their motherland. More and more persons from minority communities are joining Pakistanarmed forces and are promoted at with higher ranks and have very good opportunities to exhibit their talent. First Pakistani Hindu Kelash Kumar was promoted as Lt Colonel. He made a history and in 2019 he was the first ever Hindu major in Pakistan Army. He comes from Tharparkar and joined Pakistan Army after his MBBS from Liaquat University of Medical and Health Science, Jamshoro. He has been awarded the tamgha e Difah, Tamgha e Azam. Whole nation is proud of him. Dr. Anil Kumar is another Lt Colonel in Pakistan Army from Hindu Community. Rahul Dev got the honour of becoming first fighter Pilot in Pakistan Air Force.



Now there is a very good news for whole Pakistani nation especially for women and minorities that a pride of nation Dr. Helen Mary Roberts, affiliated with Army Medical Corps, has made a history by becoming the first female from Christian and minority communities to be promoted to the rank of BRIGADIER.  Brigadier Helen is very hard working, patriotic, highly responsible. The News that she has been promoted to the rank of brigadier was heard throughout Pakistan and delighted its people.At a ceremony last year, Chief of Army Staff General Hafiz Syed Asim Munir had commended the role played by the country’s Christian community in its development during a Christmas celebration at Christ Church in Rawalpindi. He praised their contributions to promoting quality education, healthcare and philanthropy, as well as their notable contributions to national defence.

The Chief of Army Staff expressed his profound respect for the Christian community and underscored the importance of fostering interfaith harmony to achieve Quaid’s vision of a united and progressive Pakistan.Brig. Helen Mary Roberts was among Pakistan Army officers promoted as brigadiers and full colonels by the Selection Board.

Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif also especially congratulated Helen Mary on her promotion as Brigadier in Pakistan Army. He said “I myself and the nation congratulates Brig Helen Mary Roberts on getting honour of the first female from minority to be promoted as Brigadier in Pakistan Army,”

He said the whole nation was proud of Brig. Helen and thousands of other hardworking women.Brigadier Dr. Helen Mary is senior pathologist and has been serving in Pakistan Army for the last 26 years. This is the Pakistan we want to see where every citizen has equal opportunity regardless of religion, caste, financial status and ethnicity, people of various walk of life gave their opinion.



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