(www.thenewslark.com) Farrukh Naseems watercolours show starts at Majmua The Art Gallery starts on may 29th 2024. The show was Unique being a solo show on mainly the city of Karachi.It was unique because the two live demonstrations in watercolour by Ghalib Baqar the senior artist and later by Farruk Naseem were highly appreciate by the artists and the guests present at the show. Farrukhs paintings explore some of Karachis old classic buildings and the everyday mundane existence of people are very accurrately recorded by his brush. An artist who paints directly and rarely draws his work shows acute eye for detail, great perspective and composition and the colour bring the paintings to life. Farrukh has been painting for over 10 years and has done a few group shows and this is his first solo exhibition at Majmua the Art Gallery.The watercolourist community of artists seemed very happy with his work and his fresh new style. A few paintings got booked as 26 paintings were beautifully framed and showcased Karachi interesting culture. Some paintings were painted on the shipbreaking in Gadiani beach as well as boats in the sea as Karachi has sea on its three sides and a thriving fisherman community. With a sumptuos hi tea the show continued till 10 pm. Farrukh seemed very happy with his first solo and plans to work on different subject and also try his hand at oil painting.
The show will continued till june 20th . The gallery is open for visitors everyday except sunday from 3-8:30pm. The show will be appreciated by architects and art students so do stop by and see it.
By : Mehreen Ilahi
Title: Following your Dreams…


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