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Pakistan and Indonesia are two brothers, friends and are tied with historical, deep rooted, time tested and Islamic brotherhood knots. This friendship is all weather and with the passage of time is increasing and strengthening day by day.

His Excellency Dr. June Kuncoro Consul General of Indonesia in Karachi is very keen to promote these relations to new strategic height. He has a very pleasant personality and always meets with his traditional beautiful smile. He is very active and socially connected with business community, media, intellectual circles of Karachi. He is well known person and is liked by everyone because of his kind and  friendly nature. When any one meets him feels that he knows His Excellency for many years as he feels warmth, love and closeness. He pays personal attention towards every one and feels inner pleasure to meet and greet people. I bow down my head before Almighty Allah that I am part of historic efforts to promote Pakistan Indonesia relations and produced more than three dozen articles on Indonesia, attended number of ceremonies organized by Indonesia and recent one Eid celebration with Indonesian brothers and sisters at Indonesian consulate on 10th April,2024 which was a historic one and has sweet memories in my heart and mind. My efforts are always lauded by His Excellency and his staff and I was awarded twice in recognition of my meritorious services to promote Pakistan Indonesia relations.

14thMay,2024 was a historical day when there was a grand and dignified ceremony which was held at Governor House, Karachi to confer honourary doctorate degree to His Excellency Dr. June Kuncoro in recognition of his meritorious services to promote Pakistan Indonesia relations. This ceremony was well represented and attended by number of diplomats, media persons, bureaucrats, social activists and others. Everybody was happy and these were pleasant moments and many people shook hands with His Excellency and congratulated him.

Dr. June Kuncoro is a highly qualified, talented and highly experienced person. He has a rich experience in the government administration industry, highly skilled in diplomacy, well versed in creative writing and has specialization in Human Resource Development. He is a strong professional with an M.Sc. focus in communication science from University of Leeds, Experienced Head with a demonstrated history of working in the government administration. He is serving at Consulate General of Indonesia in Karachi since May 2021 as Consul General of Indonesia. He is now a well-known, highly admired and liked figure of Karachi. He worked very hard to promote trade, investment, tourism, sociocultural events, enhancing people to people contacts, and brought business community of Pakistan and Indonesia closer. He also served as Director School of Senior Diplomats from April 2018 to September 2021 where he was responsible to plan, execute, develop and evaluate the training for senior diplomats (Counselor Diplomatic Rank) which focused on leadership, innovation and strategic thinking development of senior diplomats to meet global challenges and domestic demand. He also served as Director at Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia. He was head of Protocol and Consular Affairs as the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia, The Hague from August 2015 to April 2018. He was responsible to providing Consular and Protection Services for Indonesian Citizens and Foreign people establishing ILUNI (Association of University of Indonesia Alumnae) Netherlands chapter nurturing Indonesian diaspora in Netherlands. He also served as Head of Protocol and Consular Affairs at Embassy of Indonesia in Rome from March 2008 to May 2012. He was involved in Cultural and Trade Promotion and Consulate Affairs. He studied at various reputed universities and institutes of Indonesia including State University of Jakarta and did his Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Human Resource Management. He was member of IKADIM (Association of Management Science of State University of Jakarta). His area of research was the development of Human Resources in Foreign Service or diplomacy. He took keen interest in developing human aspects of foreign service or diplomacy works. He also did his Masters in International Relations from University of Indonesia. During his studies he wrote Thesis on China US Economic Relations. He participated in International Seminar in Leeds activities and societies. Developed expertise in Media Studies and building the relations between foreign services and communication skills. He was teaching assistant in the University and taught there Radio and TV broadcasting, creative writing, communication psychology and management.

Such a high qualified, well experienced, visionary person is definitely needing to be recognized, highlighted and admitted to appreciate his excellent services and conferring him honourary doctorate degree is a step-in right direction.

The News Lark’s team including Mr. Jawed Malik, Chief Editor, Dr. Syed Mehboob Senior Research Editor, Mr. Ali Akbar Assistant Research Editor, Ms. Nazish Zakir Diplomatic Correspondent, Mr. Yusuf Khan Sub Editor expressed their heartfelt congratulations to His Excellency Dr. June Kuncoro on this great achievement. The News Lark and its team pledged its commitment to continue its sincere efforts to promote Pakistan Indonesia relations and we are proud that we are part of these historical efforts.



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