ISLAMABAD: PTI Central Information Secretary Raoof Hasan was injured in an attack in Islamabad on Tuesday. “Very shameful and reprehensible!!” the party said in a post on X. Video footage shared by the party showed Hasan bleeding from the face with anchor Shahid Masood with him. “This reprehensible act of violence is an assault on free speech, democracy, and the rule of law. “Such shameful tactics will not deter Raoof Hasan or the PTI from our cause. Attempts to intimidate or silence us will only strengthen our resolve to fight for a just and equitable society,” the party said, adding that he was attacked outside the office of a private media channel. A statement from the Islamabad police spokesperson said Hasan was attacked with a blade outside the office of a private TV channel. “Hasan was attacked on the face with a blade by transgenders according to eyewitnesses,” the statement said. It added that the police were present on the spot and collecting evidence. “Strict action will be taken against the transgenders who have done this,” it said. Senior Superintendent of Police Hassan Jahangir Wattoo said the footage of the incident was being analysed and further details would be shared in due time with the media. CCTV footage posted by the PTI seemed to corroborate the police account, showing Hasan being attacked by four individuals who appeared to be from the transgender community. The party questioned who was the “ringleader” for the assailants.



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