LAHORE: Information Minister Attaullah Tarar on Sunday slammed a political party for spreading propaganda on social media regarding the deaths of Pakistani students in Kyrgyzstan’s capital Bishkek during mob violence.  Lamenting that “wrong news” was being spread on social media by a political party, Tarar said that “doing this for political point scoring and to humiliate the government is condemnable”.Tarar said that the political party spread fake news about death and rape, urging it not to do so. “I believe that such shameful act should not be done in politics,” he stressed.  He added that pictures of Bangladeshi students were posted on social media with the caption alleging that the Pakistani students have been killed in the incident.  The information minister’s remarks come as it was reported that some Pakistani students studying in Bishkek lost their lives in the mob violence by locals in the aftermath of their fight with the Egyptian nationals on May 13. Speaking about the incident, Tarar said there was a clash between local students and Arab students, after which this incident took place. He added that the government is helping the students who want to come back.  “Kyrgyz foreign minister has said that no deaths have been occurred in the incident and that the situation is peaceful,” said Foreign Minister Ishaq Dar Ishaq Dar during a press conference flanked by Tarar and Kashmir Affairs Minister Amir Muqam. Foreign Minister Ishaq Dar said that he held a detailed discussion with his Kyrgyz counterpart, adding that the Pakistani ambassador in Kyrgyzstan kept giving the details from time to time.  Dar said that Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif is looking at the matter.He also said that about 16 students sustained injuries out of which four were Pakistani.  “These were not only Pakistani students. They also included Indian, Bangladeshi and Arabic students,” said the foreign minister.  He said that about 130 Pakistani students have returned to the country and that 540 more will return today. Dar added that they have restored the emergency unit in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.  Speaking about the incident, Dar said that the Kyrgyz FM said their opposition is running campaigns against international students and that it talks against the government’s policy.  FM Dar said that he and Muqam were going to Bishkek, however, the Kyrgyz FM told them not to come as he assured them that the situation was under control.  Dar also said that fake news was spread on social media, adding that not a single student has been killed.  The minister said that about 11,000 students are in Bishkek while 6,000 are in different cities.



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