Mubashir Mir

MQM-Pakistan has changed its organizational structure and eliminated the convenership from the party. This method of distribution of positions was adopted by the founder MQM Altaf Hussain, during his time there was no president or secretary of MQM but a coordination committee was formed apart from the convener and deputy convener. At the beginning of MQM, Azeem Ahmed Tariq was the chairman of the party, who was assacinated. The running of the party was completely in the hands of Altaf Hussain, so no one was considered in the second position of the party during his tenure.
Dr. Khalid Maqbool Siddiqui has been selected as the chairman by a kind of core committee, the party election was not held in public but he has been made the chairman first while the subordinate positions will be assigned later.
MQM’s style of politics is also surprising, it is part of the federal government coalition and is included in the federal cabinet. While the People’s Party is also their counterpart, the People’s Party has also made its President and Governors a part of power, but the MQM is in the opposition in the provincial assembly. It goes, but MQM is not in a position to create a difficult situation for the People’s Party on the issues of Karachi.
Opposition leader Ali khurshidi has held a press conference on appointing administrators in cooperative societies, but seems to be silent on major issues of the province.
MQM should have presented a motion in the Sindh Assembly regarding the street crimes and dacoits in Karachi, but at the will of the powerful forces, they also tried to press the resolution condemning the events of May 9. Many leaders of the People’s Party gave similar talks on this topic. Everyone talked about punishing those involved in the May 9 incidents, but no one talked about bringing the culprits to book after an impartial investigation. There should have been a demand in the provincial assembly that a judicial commission should come into existence, while the provincial government should have taken the initiative in investigating the incidents in Sindh regarding May 9, but it could not be done.
The Chief Minister of Sindh mentioned the martyrdom of Ms. Benazir Bhutto on December 27, 2007, but did not investigate the riots that took place throughout Sindh after that till date. Government properties worth billions of rupees were burnt in it. The echoes of the riots that have taken place in the city of Karachi can be heard somewhere, but no one has dared to investigate them regularly. Many important people of Karachi city also came under the target killing, but their blood is still demanding justice.
PTI members walked out on the occasion of the resolution presented in the Sindh Assembly regarding May 9, they should not have walked out without presenting their stand, this move does not seem correct. Tehreek-e-Insaf seems to be lacking in the wisdom that it should do opposition in Sindh Provincial Assembly.
A grant check was presented to the Hyderabad Press Club by the Senior Provincial Minister, although it is considered a good initiative, but to make journalism an organized and dignified profession, it is necessary to take steps to ensure that press clubs and people associated with journalism receive government assistance. Don’t need By issuing such aid, governments put journalistic organizations under moral pressure, which is against journalistic values. Journalism is considered as the fourth pillar of the state, but governments try to match it by giving grants to press clubs and journalistic organizations. And dignity should not be hurt.
In the Kacha region, the Kalpar Bugti tribes have set a surprising example by taking part in the operation against dacoits. Riverine robbers who belonged to Shar Tribe had killed a member of Kalpar Bugti tribe in February. In response, after the decision of the Jirga, an operation was conducted with the help of the police, which was carried out at a place located on the border of Sindh and Punjab. As a result of which some people of the Shar tribe were killed, after this incident there has been some pressure on the Kucha robbers.
FPCCI has demanded tax reforms. The new finance minister also wants to work on tax reforms. But the IMF has been assured by the government of rising energy prices. If energy prices rise, it will become difficult to do business in the country. In this way, tax collection will also become difficult.


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