Karachi:Committee Members Unanimously Appoint Imran Rana as Secretary, Pledge to Support FPCCI’s Leadership and Advance Pakistan’s Agenda

In a significant milestone, the FPCCI Standing Committee on Communications & PR held its first meeting at the residence of Shujaat Ali Baig, Convener of the FPCCI Central Standing Committee for Corporate Relations and Communication & PR. The meeting marked the beginning of a new chapter in the committee’s journey, as members gathered to deliberate on plans and strategies for the term 2024-2025. The meeting was hosted at a lavish brunch from the Convener, Shujaat Ali Baig, at his residence.

The meeting was attended by prominent figures, including:

– Syed Turab Shah, Deputy Convener of the Committee & Director Marketing Ausaf Group,
– Imran Rana, Senior Director Communications, Innovations & Insights at K-Electric and newly appointed Secretary of the FPCCI Committee
– Farhan Ahmed, Head of Corporate Communication, HBL & President of Communications Association of Pakistan,
– Changez Hussain Khan, Head of Corporate Communication, PIA
– Hassan Saeed Akbar, Head of Corporate Communication and Marketing, PR JS Bank Group
– Mudassar Alam, Director Marketing, Pakistan Today
– Ammar Muzaffar, Deputy Manager Media and PR, K-Electric
– Rubina Rashid, former Director, CPNE.

During the meeting, the committee members unanimously appointed and congratulated Imran Rana as the Secretary of the FPCCI Standing Committee for Corporate Relations, Communication & PR. The convener and members also discussed ways to support the FPCCI’s leadership by forming a bridge between the Federation and its diverse stakeholders.

The committee resolved to actively support various initiatives of the FPCCI’s other committees and expressed their willingness to engage diverse opinion makers to advance Pakistan’s interest locally and abroad. The members also discussed the 2024-25 programs and activities calendar to be organized by the FPCCI Central Standing Committee for Corporate Relations, Communication & PR.

This inaugural meeting marked a significant step forward for the committee, as members pledged to work together to promote Pakistan’s interests and support the FPCCI’s leadership in shaping the country’s economic and business landscape.


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