Both countries relations are historical, time tested and all weather

China Pakistan connected over 2000 years before: CG China H.E Mr. Yang Yundong

(Karachi): On the historic occasion of Pakistan China friendship’s 73rd anniversary a very dignified well represented ceremony was held at Chinese Consulate where CG China H.E Mr. Yang Yundong, DG Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Irfan Soomro. Mr. Syed Hassan Javaid and other expressed their views and paid rich tribute to Chinese leadership and appreciated their efforts and vision to develop China.


The speakers said that due to enormous sacrifices of Chinese people and great struggle and the vision of their leadership China is now standing at the victory stand and no power on earth can stop to progress, prosper and advance it. Pakistanis are proud on friendship of China which  always stood beside Pakistan on every difficult moment. China is partner of development, investment and trade. Pakistan China friendship will further move forward with the passage of time.

The News Lark team included Mr. Jawed Malik, Chief Editor, Dr. Syed Mehboob, Senior Research Editor and Ms. Shama Munshi were also present on the occasion and they extended their heartfelt congratulations on the successful event and Mr. Jawed Malik also joined the cake cutting ceremony along with CG China on the occasion.

The News Lark team pledged that it will continue its sincere efforts to promote, enhance Pakistan China friendship and to counter negative, false and fabricated propaganda against China. It is worth mentioning that Dr. Syed Mehboob, Senior Research Editor, The News Lark produced more than three dozen well research-based articles on China, its economy, governance, foreign policy, advancement in science and technology, vision of its leadership and its staunch support for Pakistan.

Mr. Jawed Malik is very keen and doing all efforts to promote this noble cause. Mr. Jawed Malik visited China last year with a delegation of journalists and it was a historical visit and he has very sweet memories of this visit and often recalls these memories and always prays for the success of China.


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