By Dr. Syed Mehboob

Economic and Political Analyst


email: drmehboob.thenewslark

With the mounting debt of US$ 34,700 billion, worsening situation in middle east as Israel is in its continuous plan of planned, organized and history’s worst genocide and butchery plan of Palestinians, growing frustration among American forces and recruitment crisis where 50, 000 soldiers are short and American youth with 90% majority do not like to join American forces ,yet the American policy makers insist to continue their hegemonic policies imposed inhumane sanctions on Iran and Russia and their barbaric support to Israel and India allowing them killing of innocent people in Palestine and Kashmir respectively and these policies are now going to pay huge price and situation at the Red Sea is alarming becoming beyond the control of America and its western allies. Billions of people came out on street demanding peace in Palestine and more than 1000 resolutions are passed but USA, Germany UK did not bother to feel ashamed on their support to Israel and stopping UN resolution for ceasefire in Gaza. The dual standard of western democracy and their hypocrisy exposed them. On February 25, 2024, Aaron Bushnell, a 25 years old serviceman of the United States Air Force died after setting himself on fire outside the front gate of the Embassy of Israel in Washington. Bushnell said that he was protesting against what people have been experiencing in Palestine at the hands 0f their colonizers and decided that he will no longer be complicit in genocide, after which he doused himself with a flammable liquid and set himself on fire. This triggered further protests and now 40 campuses of various international and reputed universities students are out on street and protests have exposed American so-called values, freedom of expression and tall but false claims of being human rights’ champion has been exposed globally. Its support war in Ukraine is also facing a great setback.

American Himalayan Debt Burden

US National Debt US$ 34,710 billion
Debt per citizen US$ 103,110
Yearly increase debt US$ 1,000 billion
Average per month increase US$ 83.33 billion
Average debt per day US$ 2.77 billion
Average debt per hour US$ 115.74 million
Average debt per minute US$ 1.929 million
Average debt per second US$ 32,150
Debt per tax payer US$ 266,951
US Federal debt to GDP ratio %  
1960 52.93
1980 34.57
2000 58.05
2024 122.24
US GDP US$ 28,394 billion
Interest on debt US$ 821.036 billion
US Total Debt US$ 99,980 billion



USA and other Western countries pushed Ukrainian president Voladmy Zelensky, who was an actor readily presented his services for American interests and dragged his country into a fruitless war with Russia ignoring ground realities. Zelensky has little knowledge of global politics and power game relied on USA and other western countries aid and was trapped into the net of western interests and now paying the huge price of his follies.

Ukrainian media new realized the reality and started severe criticism on Zelensky.  Ukrainian tv presenter targeted Zelensky over war with Russia and declared him” stupid” and “devil”, These are very harsh and non-parliamentary words but show extreme frustration is growing in Ukraine. Media people think that Zelensky is blindly following western policies and line which are disastrous for Ukraine and its people. They think that he is the main problem for Ukraine. Ukrainian TV presenter slammed Zelensky as “the main evil” amid the war. Snezhana Egorova said that Volodymyr Zelensky is “the main problem for the country. Egorova further accused Zelensky of “throwing Ukrainians into furnace of war”. She blasted Zelensky for not reaching an agreement with Russia and neglecting talks. She targeted Zelensky severely and said,

“The stupid, devil who deceived them(people of Ukraine) threw them into the furnace of war, does not sit down at the table of negotiation, asking for more and more weapons, robs, profits from the war and kills their people in tons, cemeteries grow, they clap him”.

She cautioned Ukrainian saying Zelensky and his Entourage might eventually depart on a plane. She also said that Zelensky would leave behind a destroyed and plundered country”. She further said,

“Well done, and I, who told them before to guys to stay, now I say that, in principle, this is all abnormal, evil is sitting right under your noses here on Bznkova. “

Egorova made the remarks during in an interview with the walk and talk you tube channel. This is not the first time Egorova has made such remarks against Volodymyr Zelensky for his actions in the Donbass region. Egorova’s remarks come as Ukraine is facing immense challenges on the battlefield in recent months and Russian forces seized multiple posts.

Growing frustration among Ukrainian people, media and forces clearly indicate that Zelensky played gambling and used by western countries for their own vested interests and this war was not , and is not in the favour of Ukrainian people. It is western interest war, started and planned by west, fought for their benefit and is a total loss and destruction of Ukrainian people. The sooner it ends the better is for Ukrainian people.


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