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7th Octomer,2024 changed global plotical scenario and Israeli organized butchery and genocide of Palestinians , crushing all international laws, human rights values, UN chrater, UNSC.OIC resolutions under its feet and unjustified, illegal , undemicratic support, financing and weaponizing to Israel by United States of America, UK, Germany and India exposed them and their black and dark face which was under the Himalauan make up and claim of human rights champion have been exposed fully and they earned a very shameful place in  history and their next several generations’ heads will bow doen with shame due to draconic role of their policy makers. Israel emerged as International terrorist state and US is playing role of its puppet forced many countries to reshape their foreign policy therefore Brazil called back its ambassador from Israel, South africa took Isreal’s genicde plans into Inrerenational court of justice to punsih and condemn Israel as worst war criminal. Pakistan in changing scenario got very much importance and Iranian President His Excellency Emrahim Raisi’s visit to Pakistan got very much importance in international and nationbal media. This visit was highly important and strategic one. Pakistan Iran’s strategic relations are very important for the durable peace and integrity in the region. Both countries are brothers, neighbours, partners and strategic friends. President Ebrahin Raisi was warmy welcomed by Pakistani government, scholars and people. A public holiday was declared in Karachi on his arrival.

22nd to 24thApril ,2024 were historical days when President of brother country Iran His Excellency Dr. Seyyed Ebrahim Raisi paid an official three days visit to Pakistan. He was very warly welcomed by government and people of Pakistan which reflets the depth, importance and warmth in relations between two countries.

His Excellency Dr.Syyed Ebrahim Raisi is a highly qualified scholar, far sighted . sincere and visionary leader, staunch supporter of unity of Muslim Ummah, symbol of Iranian resistance and resiliance, loved, admired and trusted leader of people of Iran. He served Iran as head of the judiciary from 2019 to 2021 and was elected as President of Islamic Republic of Iran in 2021. He belongs to a very respectable Islamic scholars family and received Islamic education from Quom, the very highly influential intellectual Islamic center of Iran. He like other Islamic scholars was very much influenced and impressed by the ideas and philospohy of Late Imam Khumaini, the revolutionary and spiritual Iranian leader who brought revolution and completely changed Iran. He totally washed Iran from western cukture and colonial political shackles and made a great resistance role model to Iran against western hegemony. He was appointed as the head of the judiciary in 2019. He ran presidential election in 2021, he won by an overwhelming margin and was inaugurated in August.

The geo-political and strategic importance of Iran is so high that no country can mistake to ignore it. US superpower and its allies imposed illegal, unethical and inhumane sanctions against it but the leadership of Iran was so sincere, visionary, strong, dedicated, honest and sincere to Iran that it filled the hearts and minds of Iranian with a firm faith in Almighty Allah, sense of high patriotism and resilience that Iran emerged as an important power of the region. It equipped its people with high quality education, skills and hard work and used its own resources so intelligently that Iran is now a country with Knowledge based Economy and its advancement in Robot and Drone Technology is astonishing.Iran fought against sanctions and turned itself on sound economic footings, self-reliance and became a viable country that despite hindrances and sanctions, it made wonderful progress. Its leadership framed Iran’s foreign policy in a way that helped it to come out from isolation. Iran has made significant progress in this direction and has excellent strategic relations with China and Russia. Iran is an important player in global power game and its role cannot be ignored. Iran has the largest proved gas reserves in the world, with 33.6 trillion cubic meters. It also ranks second in world oil reserve with an estimated 153.6 billion barrels. It is OPEC’s second largest oil exporter and is an energy superpower.

Iranian Trade

Country Export billion US$ Import billion US$ Total US$ billion
China 9.389





UAE 4.0640




Turkiye 1.976





Iran has 15 neighbouring countries with a total population of 600 million a huge marker access with enormous opportunities. Its general government revenue is US$ 37 billion out of which 39.9 % comes from taxes and 35.5 % from oil.

Sector % of GDP
Services and Industry 65
Oil and Gas 25
Agriculture 10

 Pakistan and Iran are two brotherly Islamic countries tied with deep rooted religious, social and political knots sharing too much commonality both in culture, values and traditions. Iran is Pakistan’s neighbor and trusted friend. Iran was among the first countries which recognized Pakistan. Iran on many occasions supported Pakistan generously and People of Pakistan would never forget Iranian support during war against India in 1965. Iran is the second largest country in the Middle East by population. It is the only country that has both a Caspian and Indian Ocean coastline. Like Pakistan, Iran too has been of geostrategic importance because of its central location in Eurasia and western Asia and the Strait of Hormuz.

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