ISLAMABAD: Federal Minister for Education Maqbool Siddiqui Tuesday informed the National Assembly that a program is being prepared to enhance the literacy rate in the country. In response to a calling attention notice regarding the cessation of nearly twenty school buses designated for student transportation and their conversion into the Pink Bus Project, along with the non-appointment of teachers for vacant positions in Islamabad Capital Territory, he called upon the elected representatives and other societal segments to actively contribute to this cause.

He said that the government has declared an education emergency to enroll out-of-school children in educational institutions. Regarding transportation, he said that in addition to existing school and college bus services, the ministry plans to deploy 20 buses from urban to rural areas specifically for girl students and female teachers from both public and private schools. These buses will make five daily trips to accommodate students, teachers, and other working women. He explained that out of 385 buses in Islamabad’s schools and colleges, 75 were currently unused. Among these, 20 buses are being repaired to serve the transportation needs of students and teachers. The addition of these 20 buses will complement the fleet of pink buses previously announced, thereby addressing the transportation requirements of students and teachers in Islamabad Capital Territory. Additionally, the National Assembly passed a resolution to extend the Apostille Ordinance 2024 for an additional 120 days. APP/zah-sra


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