A free medical camp was organized by the Pakistan Army in a remote area of Sindh, Thar Parkar. Pak Army treated many people free of charge and provided medicines through Free Medical Camp. During the medical camp, the District Health Quarters also assisted in providing free treatment to the patients. More than 1300 patients were treated in the medical camp organized at Rai Chand Higher Education School, District Tharparkar where women and children were also treated. The camp had laboratory test facilities which conducted free tests for many patients. First aid, ECG, vaccination, OT, detention rooms, tests and free medicines were provided in this medical camp.

Specialists and MOs of various fields on behalf of Pak Army checked the patients. Free rations were also distributed among the local population. The people sincerely thanked Pakistan Army for the relief activities. Patients from Tharparkar and surrounding areas said that they have to travel far away for the treatment of minor ailments, moreover, accommodation and transportation charges in the city are also unaffordable for them. However, due to this initiative of Pakistan Army, they were provided with these facilities at home. They were not only provided with medicines along with free check-ups but also the most expensive tests were done without any fee. “Expert doctors of Pakistan Army treated us well during the camp and also provided useful medical advice”, said the people. They also said that Pakistan Army is the only organization that always reaches here for all kinds of assistance. The people also expressed their gratitude to the Pak Army.


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