ISLAMABAD: Minister for Defence Khawaja Muhammad Asif on Monday called for imposing Article 6 on those who violated the Constitution and suggested that it should begin with Field Marshal Ayub Khan.
Speaking at the forum of National Assembly, he said, “I fully endorse the opposition leader’s proposal to invoke Article 6, but it should be started from 1958 up to 2022, when the then Deputy Speaker Qasim Khan Suri breached the constitution during the no-confidence process.”
The minister highlighted the Supreme Court’s intervention at that time, which restored the National Assembly and overturned the unconstitutional order.
Khawaja Asif said that Pakistan has faced challenges from that period onwards, indicating that democracy has struggled to take root in the country. He asserted that leaders engaged in unlawful activities must face justice.
The minister accused the opposition leader in the NA of consistently supporting dictatorship and unlawful actions, mentioning that his party had previously apologized for supporting General Zia-ul-Haq and now seeks the same from opposition members.
He said that the respect of all individuals associated with building a stable and developed Pakistan is crucial, and those working against the country’s interests will be held accountable by the law.
Khawaja Asif alleged that opposition has not yet finalized the name for the Public Accounts Committee (PAC).
He accused the PTI chief of corruption in the “Toshakhana” (state gift depository), claiming that gifts were being sold in the market.
The minister also claimed that previous government of PTI fabricated drug charges against Rana Sanaullah.
Khawaja Asif called upon the opposition leaders to apologize for their role in violating the constitution and dissolving the National Assembly during the no-confidence motion.
He strongly condemned the attack on military installations and desecration of martyrs’ memorials on May 9th last year, describing it as the darkest day in Pakistan’s history. The minister emphasized that such incidents were aimed at weakening the country and represented an unprecedented tragedy.
Khawaja Asif disagreed with the opposition leader’s claim that reserved seats played a significant role in electing key posts in the National Assembly including the Speaker, Deputy Speaker, Prime Minister, and President.
He stated that all government candidates received more votes than their opposition counterparts.
Additionally, the minister alleged that the opposition leader had contested elections under various symbols and switched between multiple parties.
Earlier, the Opposition leader in National Assembly Omar Ayub Khan while opening the debate on motion of thanks expressing deep gratitude to the President of Pakistan for his address to both Houses, said that his party consistently backed initiatives aimed at the welfare of the masses.
He said that his party chief and his wife must be provided best medical care at private hospitals.
Omar Ayub claimed that his party members would work tirelessly for the supremacy of the constitution.


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