(www.thenewslark.com) Parents and teachers should educate students about the dangers of copying. Prof. Dr. Syed Sharaf Ali Shah (Chairman-BSEK)
Limitation and Booti Mafia million powerful right, but sincerity of intention can make the impossible possible. Arshad Malik (Senior Educationist)
Professor Dr. Syed Sharaf Ali Shah, Chairman, Board of Secondary Education (Karachi), has said that to prevent copying, teachers and parents should educate the students about the dangers of copying. Copying Mafia is the enemy of our generations, we cannot put our young students on this disgusting path. Commissioner Karachi, Rangers and Police will continue to cooperate. Section-144 will remain in force around the examination centers. K-Electric has been requested to provide uninterrupted power supply during the examination. This discussion was held between Chairman, Board of Secondary Education, Prof. Dr. Syed Sharaf Ali Shah, and Mr. Arshad Malik, Chief Executive Officer of Brooklyn Secondary School and Senior Educationist. During a special meeting with Education Expert Mr. Arshad Malik on this occasion praised the practical actions of the Chairman (BSEK), Prof. Dr. Syed Sharaf Ali Shah, Dr. Naveed Ahmed (Secretary), Mr. Khalid Ehsan (Examination Co-ordinator), Mr. M. A. Jafri (Media Co-ordinator) and other Officers and Staff Members of the BSEK and assured that we the Teachers and Non-teaching Staff are by your side in the campaign to end plagiarism. The Educationist further said that copying and Booti Mafia is a powerful truth, but sincerity of intention makes the impossible possible.


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