Report : Raza Hyder

An exhibition was organized at Habits Karachi on the occasion of Mother’s Day Fest organized by Creative Mind. In which small businessmen belonging to different sectors have set up their stalls in large numbers by sitting in the online house and expanding their business.

Thousands of people attended the two-day exhibition and shopped at various stalls.
On this occasion, the organizer of this exhibition, Mrs. Amjad Malik, said that we often organize such programs to promote small business people.
She said that today’s program is our mother’s day fest, because mother’s day is coming, we have organized a small festival for those who work from their homes, we are promoting small business. This is our fifth event.
Earlier we have done different events with different theme. In different places. This is our fifth event here.

God willing, our plan is to take it further and we are going to take it, God willing, there is also a plan for Lahore in June. We are updated for that too. We have all kinds of stalls from children’s artwork to jewelery closing home decors – everything. There are also food stalls.
But all these are not big brands they are all people who are working from home i.e. cottage industry small business so we have organized this event to promote them.
This is basically our goal. This is our two day program. In response to a question about how this idea came to him, he said, “Actually, our children have grown up, so now we have extra time.” So why don’t we use this time for the right work.

For those who want to start a new job. And they have no platform. To display your work.
So that’s all that came to mind, so we made it our goal.
We have created our own brand called Creative Mind and we are working from this platform. She has another partner Sabeen Zubair and these two women organize the program together. Regarding the exhibition, Sabeen Zubair said that we both manage this work together.

She said that since the time of Kovid, online work has started a lot. There were women sitting at home who could not go out because their husbands did not allow them to work. So Freya and I thought that through this platform we can bring these women here.
Our creative mind is creative I mind, it happened that Alhamdulillah all the ladies you see here and especially this place here in Habit City from the safety point of view we have placed here. And we started from here, this is our fifth program here.
We started from a small space, now we have taken a big space here. We rent it to Habit. From two and a half to three lakhs.
Regarding the rent of the stalls, he said that we have set a rate of 15,000, but most women are unable to pay the full amount, some give 8,000, some give 10,000, so we accept that too take So that we can take all the expenses from here. It can’t be enough, poor people can’t give.

Our main focus is on the sponsor. This is the question our vendors ask about who is visiting blogger. You are calling a good celebrity, then we tell them that we will call the same celebrity. But we have to pay them too. No one comes without it
So now they are focusing on it and working hard on it.
We have become a team. Just now working hard to get sponsors. A lady sponsor has come.
This is a good thing, it means that as many followers as they have will come here, the exhibition will increase the rush and it will expand the business.
There is a link and they are also on Facebook. From there, people see, Masha Allah, their work is also running online. Very good going. When they ask for next time. When will you exhibit now?
On the second day of the exhibition, his special guest Samira Anwar and Fatima Glasses also have many followers. Now his followers will come here and attend this event, God willing, it will get good results
We have also interacted with the stall holder in this exhibition, a stall holder Sudra Jafri said that the organizers had given details about the exhibition online on Instagram, after seeing which we decided to set up our stall here.
Sudra is selling her artificial jewelery bracelets ear rings jhumkis etc. She has kept about 50 thousand rupees worth of goods and she thinks that she will earn 70 to 80 thousand rupees from here.

There were also stalls of paintings in the exhibition and very beautiful paintings were placed. I have kept various paintings made by me in it.
whose value ranges from 5000 to 50000 rupees, this is her hobby and she has been painting since childhood. Her grandfather was a good artist in Lahore. He said that painting brings peace
Muhammad Bilal, who was present at the book stall, said that people’s interest in reading books has not decreased yet. Many people say that books have come out of human life, but this is wrong. Goes and people buy and read books with interest.
He said that I have kept general history novels, Islamic history and other subject books on my install which people are watching and reading with interest.


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