The Islamic Culture and Relations Organization requests the entire world to express solidarity with American students.

The Islamic Culture and Relations Organization in its statement condemned the brutal behavior of the US government and the police against pro-Palestinian university students and requested universities and educational institutions around the world to support these student organizations.

The statement said that this wave of awareness and condemnation of atrocities and evil intentions of the Zionist regime by these student organizations in various American states has led to the arrest and torture of a large number of students by the claimants of freedom of speech.

From California to Texas, the zealous students who came to the field to stop the oppression and violence against the oppressed people of Gaza, especially children and women, will never be separated from the humanistic movement of the students of universities and educational institutions that support the ceasefire in Gaza and condemn the Israeli dictator government. They will not back down from basic demands such as bringing the perpetrators of genocide in Gaza to justice.

The humanistic movement of these students, through their strategy, determination and initiative, has given a big slap to the bloodthirsty beasts. Not only this, but the echo of this awareness has reached all Western universities and educational institutions.
The awareness, vision and tenacity; the three main elements of this movement have created an earthquake in the American Houses.

Such a movement, which is becoming popular in other geographical and academic fields of the West, is proving to be a threat to America’s evil ambitions. The Center for Islamic Culture and Relations is deeply thankful to the students and professors of these universities, who, despite the pressure of the Zionist lobby imposed on the United States, came out in support of the oppressed people of Gaza and condemned every cruel action against them.

The centre appeals to universities, and educational and cultural institutions around the world to fully support the humanistic realist movement of these American student organizations, regardless of religious, linguistic and ethnic prejudices. The whole world’s solidarity and support for these student organizations is solidarity with the oppressed people of Palestine and Gaza, which is the moral duty of any free person.

It is hoped that such movements will lead to the end of the criminal domination of the arrogant regime, a cease-fire in Gaza and the defeat of the Zionist barbarians and their supporters.


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