ISLAMABAD: President Asif Ali Zardari on Thursday urged all provincial governments and stakeholders to collaborate in controlling the spread of malaria and make Pakistan a Malaria free country. “I urge our healthcare providers both in the public and private sector, the non-governmental organizations, private entities, philanthropists, community leaders, media and other stakeholders to raise awareness about the Malaria control issues but also in alleviating the sufferings of ailing human beings through improved diagnostic and therapeutic procedures,” the president said in a message on World Malaria Day.He said the day which is observed every year on April 25, is a reminder of the need to undertake concerted efforts in raising awareness and finding solutions to meet the growing challenges to control Malaria in the endemic areas of the country. Malaria is preventable, easy to diagnose and treatable, which entails collective efforts by all stakeholders. The global theme for WORLD MALARIA DAY 2024 is “ Advancing health equity, gender equality and human rights”. He said the government of Pakistan is committed to cater to the health needs of the population and is committed to implementing the Global Malaria Programme’s new initiative, T3 Strategy: TEST. TREAT. TRACK. This initiative is built on the principle that every suspected Malaria case is tested, confirmed and treated with a quality-assured antimalarial medicine. It is also imperative that the disease is tracked through timely and accurate surveillance systems to guide policy and operational decisions, the president added. “I am pleased to note that the Ministry of National Health Services, Regulations & Coordination has made concerted efforts through the Common Management Unit-CMU Malaria to address various risk factors. I am also pleased to know that a holistic strategy has been adopted by Common Management Unit-Malaria focusing both on prevention and treatment of the disease with special attention to vulnerable groups”, he remarked. Unfortunately, he said the devastating floods in 2022 have caused an exponential rise in Malaria cases in different parts of the country. All the progress made in Pakistan towards malaria control over the last decade, has been greatly undermined by this massive natural disaster. “I therefore, call upon all Provincial governments, UN Agencies, Development Institutions, Foundations and international partners to come together to cope with this alarming situation and gear up for a concentrated effort towards controlling Malaria in the country.”


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