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10Th April,2024 was a historical day of Eid ul Fitr in Pakistan and I was invited at Indonesian consulate to celebrate Eid at Indonesian Consulate in Karachi with our Indonesian brothers and sisters. I was very enthusiastic and excited as it was my first experience to mingle with our Indonesian brothers and to know how they celebrate their Eid. I was warmly welcomed by His Excellency Dr. June Kuncoro and other Indonesian staff. It was a unique and pleasant experience and I felt the heart touching warmth of their hospitality and love for Pakistan and Pakistanis which reflect the unbreakable strength of deep-rooted and historic relations between Pakistan and Indonesia.

There are many commonalities between Pakistan and Indonesia in terms of Eid celebrations and both countries people celebrate Eid on first shawal after moon sighting. Every Muslim after observing fast in the Holy month of Ramadhan celebrate Eid. They Offer Eid Prayer at grand mosque ar at a large ground. They greet one another and prepare special meal for their friends and relatives. On Eid day Muslim remember their parents in their prayers for their health and longevity and if they are not alive they pray for the blessing of Almighty Allah in paradise for them. They also hold special prayer for the progress, prosperity, security for their respective country. On this Eid special prayers were also held for Palestinian people and restoration of peace there.

Like Pakistanis Indonesians also like to celebrate Eid at their home towns and millions of Indonesian Muslims travel towards their home towns to celebrate Eid with their dear ones.

Lebaran is the Indonesian popular name for Islamic festivals of Eid ul Fitr and Eid ul Adha in Indonesia and is one of the major holidays in the country. Lebaran holiday officially lasts for two days in the Indonesian calendar although the government usually declares a few days before and after the Lebaran enabling people to enjoy their Eid. Special Eid bonus is provided to employees by their employers which is called,” Tunjangan Hari Raya (THR).  This enables them to manage their extra expenses for Eid and feel no burden. Like Pakistanis Indonesia also buy new clothes and footwear and Indonesian women like Pakistanis enjoy Eid shopping.

On the Lebaran day, after performing the Eid prayers in the morning people dressed in their new or best clothes and it is common to greet people with” Selamat Eid ul Fitr” which means “Happy Eid” or “ Eid Mubarak “ in Pakistan.

Ketupat is a popular traditional celebrative dish for Eid ul Fitr meal in Indonesia. Male wear Baju Koko a long short-sleeve shirt with traditional embroidered designs with a kilt sarung of Sonokel. Traditional female wear is “Kurung”. Like Pakistanis many Indonesian visit graves of their deceased dear one and offer Fateha for them.


Jakarta’s Chinese Muslims Mosque. Chinese Muslims living in Indonesia also celebrate their Eid with their Indonesian brothers with bringing their own cultural colours.

Around 193 million people travelled during the Eid festival this year, according to a survey by the ministry, around 56% higher compared to the number of travelers during the Eid holidays last year.

Celebrating Eid at Indonesian Consulate with Indonesian brothers will always be in my memory and I will share this sweet memory with my friends, relatives and others for many years.







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