KARACHI:Sharjeel Inam Memon is demonstrating unwavering resolve in his efforts to activate the narcotics control unit in Sindh province.

Renowned for his transformative initiatives in Sindh’s transport department, Memon is now spearheading unprecedented measures to clamp down on drug dealers, leaving no stone unturned in his quest to safeguard the populace, particularly the younger generation, from the pernicious grip of narcotics.

In a span of less than a month, Memon’s directives have galvanized officials into taking stringent action against drug peddlers. He has urged them to remain vigilant and resolute in combating the enemies of the nation while emphasizing the imperative of shielding educational institutions from the scourge of narcotics.

His deep-seated concern for the escalating presence of drugs underscores his commitment to effecting meaningful change.

Memon’s proactive approach extends beyond mere directives – he actively engages with senior officials of the Narcotics Control Unit within the Excise Department, underscoring the gravity of the situation and the urgency of concerted action. However, he does not rest on his laurels in the realm of official meetings alone but he complements these efforts with public awareness campaigns aimed at enlightening the populace about the perils of drug abuse.

During his tenure as the minister for transportation in the previous government, Memon’s tireless endeavours yielded tangible results. He extended public transport services not only within Karachi but also to other major cities like Hyderabad and Larkana, showcasing his commitment to enhancing accessibility and connectivity across the province.

His insistence on adopting a “zero tolerance policy” towards all forms of drug trafficking underscores his uncompromising stance on the issue.

Memon’s commendation of exemplary performance within the department and his recognition of those responsible for apprehending drug peddlers serve as a testament to his dedication. The confiscation of millions of rupees’ worth of drugs and the apprehension of notorious drug dealers underscore the efficacy of his approach.

Many stakeholders anticipate a palpable and positive transformation in the province owing to Memon’s relentless efforts against the drug mafia. Recognizing the gravity of the situation and the widespread prevalence of drug abuse among Sindh’s populace, Memon has directed the activation of at least 16 narcotics control units. His vision for a drug-free province highlights his unwavering commitment to the welfare of the people.

In a meeting with officials, Memon articulated the government’s vision of a drug-free Sindh, stressing the indispensable role of public support in initiating a crackdown against drug dealers. He recognizes that without the active involvement of the general populace, the battle against narcotics will be an uphill struggle.

Memon’s steadfast resolve and proactive measures exemplify his commitment to combatting the scourge of drugs in Sindh. Through a combination of stringent enforcement measures, public awareness campaigns, and recognition of exemplary performance, Memon aims to usher in a new era of sobriety and security for the province.



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