Opinion Matter by Shama Munshi

China’s diplomatic profile as most trust worthy “Super power” of the world has been established worldwide after its successful role as reliable intermediator to arrange & hold multi-lateral dialogue between Saudi Arab and Iran in reviving back their diplomatic relation in Middle East over decades old lingering contentious issues
The normalization of bilateral ties between Saudi Arabia and Iran through Beijing’s mediation diplomatic strategy is widely acknowledged as a miracle in the new emerging paradigms of international relations.
Beijing has successfully positioned itself as a peacemaker in the world to mediate in between the countries seeking for conflict resolution and management.
Arab foreign Ministers also seeking to resolve Palestinian/ Israel conflict and urged China to quell the war, alleviate humanitarian aid and pressurize Israel for immediate cease fire in Gaza.
Chinese foreign Minister Wang Yi termed the mediation request of Arab states as China’s trust worthy & reliable Super power image for being the first stop for international mediation which clearly manifests the Arab delegations’ trust in the Beijing and it truly reflects the traditions of mutual understanding and support. Wang Yi hoped that this would leads to ceasefire & immediate humanitarian aid to Gaza, and a two-state solution is the only way forward for peace.
The Arab officials in this regard will hold meetings with China’s top diplomat Wang Yi on Monday. Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Egypt, Indonesia, Palestine and the Organization of Islamic Co-operation, among others middle east envoys delegation, which is set to meet officials representing each of the five permanent members of the U.N. Security Council.
At least 16,000 Palestinians been mascaraed after October 7th 2023 during brutal terrorist Israeli bombardments including at least 6500 children.
We must strive to swiftly resolve this crisis and put an end to the war being waged against Gaza,” Saudi Foreign Minister Prince Faisal bin Farhan said on Saturday in Bahrain.
Beijing already has surprised USA and western world through its diplomatic efforts to broker peace in Middle East via normalization of relations between Saudi Arabia and Iran.

China since inception of the conflict is voicing vocally for the de-escalation between Israel and Palestine by pursuing for a “two-state solution for the establishment of an independent Palestine state.
Mediation is the most powerful tool of the foreign policy hence Beijing’s mediation diplomacy has enhanced it’s both national and international prestige as an honest and selfless broker in building peace and stability in the Middle East.
China under its dynamic President Xi Jinping leadership is firmly adhered by its basic foreign policy principle of ” non- intervention” in the affairs of the world. China since more than 70 years has no evil history of invasion and occupation of foreign lands. Contrary to other international actors & players it carries no religious, political, historical, and colonial baggage, or interests making it an ideal candidate to break the deadlock in any global conflict .

China already under it’s Marvelous leadership of President Xi Jinping ” through his Xiplomacy” policy has created his soft and generous image by proposing the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) in 2013, Chinese President Xi Jinping has been promoting high-quality cooperation of mutual benefits under the initiative.

President Xi Jinping always stay committed to the policy of affinity, sincerity, mutual-benefit and inclusiveness of other parts of the world for garnering mutual economic benefits so that entire world should focus on common shared economic interests and may reaffirm the strategy of yielding mutual benefits by shaping an environment of cordial ties among all the stake holders of the entire globe.

Indeed in latest emerging international scenario, China now considered as superpower of peace and negotiations.
Throughout more than 70 year since the founding of the People’s Republic, China has never provoked a conflict or war, or invaded even a single inch of any foreign land.
The modernization and peaceful pattern strategy that China pursuing is not for the benefit of its alone. Beijing has proven time and again that it is willing to work with all countries to advance global modernization featuring peaceful development, mutually beneficial cooperation and common prosperity.
China always toe a “neutral” line for the resolution of any lingering dispute in the world.
If Terrorist Israeli leadership would rather not be accused of committing war crimes, they should at least cease bombing hospitals, schools and refugees camps.
Entire world eyeing at proactive China as a “great & sincere superpower” to make viable difference through brokering a peace deal between Israel and Palestine and burying down the conflict in positive manner.


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