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CGs of Iran, Turkiye, China and Indonesia Spoke on the occasion.

Special Report

Dr. Syed Mehboob

Economic and Political Analyst

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 The News Lark has taken many unique initiatives and has honour of publishing research-based articles, reports, news and other information about friendly countries. It highlights positive and soft image of Pakistan and its friendly countries and counters negative, false, fabricated propaganda against Pakistan and its friendly countries. It has specialization of diplomatic and international, affairs coverage and published number of special editions on various countries and one of them a historical one on China. Mr. Jawed Ahmed Malik, Chief Editor the News Lark, Karachi is a dynamic and sincere person who is leading a very dedicated and qualified team and his efforts are highly admired by diplomatic and business circles. Dr.Syed Mehboob is conducting valuable in-depth research and analysis and published hundreds of articles on various countries and international and national issues which received high acclaim from various circles. Ms. Shama Munshi, Director News, the News Lark Karachi is a highly committed lady. She dedicated herself to promote the News Lark and left no stone unturned for the success of all assignments has been given to her. The News Lark is part of Jamlik Marketing Services and a part of group of publication, publishing credible, authentic news and firsthand information.

Islamophobia is the fear of, hatred of, or prejudice against the peaceful religion of Islam or Muslims in general especially when seen as geopolitical force and deliberate, pre-planned efforts to link terrorism with Islam and Muslims.

Alhamdulillah with the efforts of Pakistan and with the help and support of other Muslim countries, on 15 March,2022, the United Nations General Assembly adopted a resolution by consensus which was introduced by Munir Akram, Permanent Representative of Pakistan to the United Nations, on behalf of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), that proclaimed March 15 as “International Day to combat Islamophobia”.  Since then it has been celebrated every year on 15 March in 140 countries worldwide.

It is another unique and revolutionary initiative which has been taken by the News Lark to hold an International Conference on 15th Marach,2024on the occasion of International Day to combat Islamophobia. The theme of the conference was to create awareness on this highly important issue and to highlight the need to counter negative propaganda against Islam, Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him), Muslims and Islamic countries.

15thMarch,2024 was a historical day when a conference on “ISLAMOPHOBIA A THREAT FOR GLOBAL PEACE” was held and on the Occasion His Excellency Mr. Yang Yundong, Consul General of People’s Republic of China, His Excellency Mr. Cemal Sangu, Consul General of Turkiye, His Excellency Hassan Nourian, Consul General of Islamic Republic of Iran , Dr, TalatAyeshaWizarat, renowned scholar , expert of International Affairs, Former Professor at Karachi University, Dr. Syed Mehboob, Senior Research Editor , the News Lark, Karachi, Former Director Research Karachi Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Economic and Political Analyst, Mr. Manzar Naqvi, Chief Editor The Financial Daily, Mr. Saleem Sheikh, prominent lawyer, social activistwere the prominent  speakers  on the occasion.

The Programme was started by the recitation of Holy Quran by Dr. Syed Mehboob and Welcome Note was presented by Ms. Shama Munshi, Director News, the News Lark, Karachi, a dedicated, energetic young lady whose efforts are highly admirable to making this conference a big success.

The speakers highlighted the political, religious, social, economic and psychological aspects of the issue and stressed the need to do serious, coordinated and organized efforts to counter the negative, false and fabricated propaganda against Islam. Islamophobia is the result of sickness of minds as Islam is the religion of peace, tolerance, patience and insulting prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) who was blessing for whole mankind and heartbeat of 1.95 billion Muslims around the whole world, including 57 Islamic countries, is the insult of whole humanity. It must be rejected and unacceptable. There is a need to create understanding among various civilizations, religions and nations and to pave the way for cooperation among them.

When we talk about human rights, there is a dual standard and silence over deliberate, pre-planned and organized genocide of Palestinians, Kashmiris which is a crime. Every effort must be done to stop bloodshed in Palestine and Kashmir and to give their right of self determination and having all sort of independence including having their own sovereign land must be accepted which is necessary for the durable peace.

China is a country which instead of using its power against other countries paved the way for investment, cooperation, sharing resources for development, prosperity of partner and friendly countries and its BRI project has connected more than 150 countries. This is the most viable way to bring the various countries closer and to fight against illiteracy, poverty, and to eliminate extremism through trade.

Speakers also urged Muslim countries to unite against extremism, and to shun their differences for the larger interest of the Ummah. They appreciated the role of China to bring Iran and Saudi Arabia closer and thanked its leadership. Speakers pointed out that Sanctions against Iran and giving freehand and funding and supporting to Israel which has its hands soaked with Palestinian’s blood reflects dual standard of west.

The conference was a big success and lauded by various circles. Intellectuals, diplomats, media persons, business people who have said that it was the need of the time and the dedication and commitment of the News Lark team have great worth and  to be encouraged by government of Pakistan. The News Lark is serving for national as well as for Ummah’s cause which needed to be supported by all peace lovers.


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