ISLAMABAD, Mar 13 (APP): Federal Minister for Information and Broadcasting Ataullah Tarar on Wednesday said that Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf was conspiring against Pakistan by giving a false narrative to the European Union. “The spokespersons of PTI are getting instructions from jail to harm the country, but no one will be allowed to harm the economy,” he said while addressing his maiden press conference after assuming charge as Minister for Information and Broadcasting here.

Lashing out at the PTI leadership, the minister said its conspiratorial elements were again trying to attack the country’s economy as in the past too, PTI did a heinous act by writing a letter to the International Monetary Fund asking it not to enter into a loan agreement with the Pakistan government. He said that the PTI spokespersons were getting instructions from Adiala jail to harm Pakistan. Tarar alleged that the founder of PTI had tried to make this country default but with the grace of Allah and Shehbaz Sharif’s personal interest, Pakistan entered into an agreement with the IMF. He said now again the PTI leadership wanted to sabotage the agreement with the IMF through another letter. He asked the question as to in what capacity were they writing this letter to the IMF. “Protecting the state of Pakistan and the national interest is our first responsibility. Strategies and steps are being taken for revival of the economy,” Tarar maintained. The minister said that Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif was working day and night for the improvement of the economy and daily he chaired three to four meetings on the economy only. He said that the prime minister was working to end inflation and unemployment in the country. The minister said on the other hand there was a political party which did not see anything beyond itself, and it did not care about the national interests or integrity of Pakistan. He said Pakistan could earn precious foreign exchange if GSP plus status from EU continued, it would help create more job opportunities and strengthen rupee as a currency. “If Pakistan has GSP plus status, foreign exchange will come, our exports will increase, rupee will become stable, inflation will be reduced and employment opportunities will be provided”, Ataullah Tarar remarked. At the start of his press conference he assured that he would try his best to take measures for the welfare of media workers and journalists. “The doors of the Ministry of Information are opened for journalists and will try to play the role of a bridge between the government and the media,” he added. He said that Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif had started working on a strategy to deal with the challenges faced by the economy as soon as he assumed office. He said it was an honour that yesterday, Bloomberg magazine mentioned Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif regarding his potential for betterment of Pakistan’s economy. The minister said that Bloomberg also termed the choice of Muhammad Aurangzeb as finance minister as the best choice who as an economist had vast experience at global level. Tarar said that Bloomberg also mentioned the policies of the Prime Minister for revival of the economy. Replying to a question, he said that these elements were contacting the European Union and asking them to withdraw the GSP plus status, which was tantamount to a conspiracy and nefarious attempt to make the poor people of Pakistan suffer. To another question, he said Imran Khan was living a lavish life in jail, adding the founder of PTI had been given not only a room but the entire gallery for walk. According to the prison manual of 1978, every prisoner was allowed one meeting in a week, but the founder chairman PTI was allowed four meetings in a week, he added. The minister said one meeting was held with lawyers, one with friends, one meeting with political associates and one meeting with family members. Since Imran Khan had been in prison, he had met hundreds of people,the minister informed. Besides, he said, Imran was given exercise equipment in jail. About PTI, he said, these were the people who attacked and destroyed the memorials of the martyrs on May 9 and ransacked the residence of Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah in Lahore. He said the PTI had hatched a cipher conspiracy and tried to spoil Pakistan’s relations globally. Now attempts were being made to put the country’s economy at stake through a campaign based on lies, he remarked. To a question, he said that meetings banned on reports of sabotage near Adiala Jail and security audit of Adial, Mianwali and DG Khan jails was being done. The minister said that the facilities available to PTI founder chairman in jail had not been provided to any other politician till date. In view of the fear of sabotage inside some jails, the letter was issued by the Punjab government for temporary ban on meetings. The minister said conducting the security audit was the responsibility of the Punjab government and it was the responsibility of the prison authorities and the concerned government to ensure the security of all prisoners, including Imran Khan. He said Adiala Jail was an attached department of Punjab Home Department and all rules and regulations were listed in the jail manual. Tarar said that the PTI was conspiring against Pakistan by giving a false narrative to the EU and it had attacked Pakistan’s GSP Plus status by using the excuse of providing facilities to the founder chairman of the party.


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