APP41-220224 LAHORE: February 22 - President Dr. Arif Alvi addressing the recognition ceremony of officers of the Federal Insurance Ombudsman and representatives of insurance companies, at Governor House. APP/AMI/FHA

ISLAMABAD:President Dr Arif Alvi Friday said technology should be used positively and responsibly for ensuring protection of environment, human health and prosperity.
In a virtual address at an event of the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Pakistan in Karachi, he said doctors and physicians should take benefit from the fast changes in the field of science and technology.

He said in the present time, medical science was going through drastic changes and because of the progress made in the field of technology, research in medical science had become easy and less costly.
He urged the doctors and physicians to utilize information technology for the correct and timely diagnosis of diseases as now it was possible to make diagnosis before onset of diseases due to research on human cells and genes.

He advised the students to develop the capacity for analysis instead of just memorizing information.
He appreciated the standard of education of the College of Physicians and Surgeons and said the college took remarkable measures for the progress in the field of dentistry.


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