ISLAMABAD:National Book Foundation (NBF) and Pakistan Academy of Letters (PAL) on Friday inked a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to revolutionize the distribution and marketing of literary works. The agreement was signed at the Academy of Literature headquarters, sets the stage for enhanced accessibility to the Academy’s publications through the extensive distribution network of the National Book Foundation. The ceremony was attended by Dr. Najeeba Arif, Chairperson of the Academy of Literature, and Dr. Raja Mazhar Hameed, Managing Director of the National Book Foundation. Dr. Najeeba Arif emphasized the significance of the agreement, foreseeing a future marked by fruitful collaboration. The terms of the accord were characterized as fair and mutually beneficial. She shed light on the Academy’s core objectives, centered around promoting Pakistani literature, language, and the welfare of literary figures. She highlighted the Academy’s pivotal role in internationalizing Pakistani literature and writers, aiming to showcase the positive facets of Pakistan globally. Dr. Najeeba Arif stressed the importance of literature in shaping a positive identity for Pakistan, both nationally and internationally. Expressing gratitude, Dr. Raza Mazhar Hameed extended assurances of wholehearted cooperation with the Academy of Literature. He announced plans to place the Academy’s books in key libraries and institutions across Pakistan, dedicating a special section in all National Book Foundation outlets for the display of the Academy of Literature’s publications. Dr. Hameed underscored the crucial role of marketing in the contemporary landscape, urging both institutions to remain cognizant of its significance. The formalization of the partnership culminated in the signing of the MoU by Assistant Director Mirnawaz Solangi representing the Academy of Literature Pakistan and Sales Officer Rehan Siddiqui representing the National Book Foundation. This strategic alliance between the National Book Foundation and the Academy of Literature stands poised to reshape the literary landscape of Pakistan. The synergy between these two institutions, aimed at promoting and disseminating Pakistani literature, holds promise for increased accessibility and recognition both nationally and internationally. As the collaboration unfolds, it opens up exciting possibilities for a vibrant future in the realm of literature and language.


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