ISLAMABAD:Caretaker Minister for Religious Affairs and Interfaith Harmony Aneeq Ahmed stressed the importance of reducing hate and delivering good news to foster trust and belief among the people.
Talking to PTV, he urged individuals from all walks of life, including political leaders and bureaucrats, to contribute to the country’s development and prosperity.
He emphasized the need for a collective effort guided by ethical and religious values.
The minister said that the ministry made a significant reduction in the Hajj package for 2024, reducing the financial burden on pilgrims.
This reduction, from Rs 11,75000 to Rs 10,75000 marked the first time in the country’s history that the upcoming Hajj had become cheaper than the previous year’s Hajj, he added.
In addition to affordability, the minister highlighted improvements in Hajj facilities, including the introduction of short-duration Hajj, allowing pilgrims to return after completion in 22 days.
He also lauded the efforts of IT Minister Umar Saif in introducing an application providing comprehensive information for pilgrims, ensuring a seamless Hajj experience.
Ahmed mentioned initiatives to promote Pakistan’s positive image, such as providing Pakistani women with white-colored ‘Abayas’ adorned with the flag of Pakistan.


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