ISLAMABAD: Caretaker Minister for Information, Broadcasting and Parliamentary Affairs Murtaza Solangi on Friday said that the decision made by the people in general elections would be implemented by summoning the first session of new National Assembly (NA). “We will implement the verdict given by the people of Pakistan and the NA session will be convened as soon as the Election Commission of Pakistan forwards the official results to the Assembly’s Secretariat,” he said while addressing the launching ceremony of the newsletter of the Pakistan Television (PTV). He said it was a commendable initiative of the PTV to issue a newsletter that would eventually promote reading and writing habits among the youth. The minister recalled that he started his professional journey with print reporting as part of the launch team of The News that carried his first by-line news story on February 11, 1991. He said modern trends in journalism had not only created opportunities but also big challenges especially those that were related to voice cloning, deep fake and Artificial Intelligence. Solangi underlined the need for the PTV to align itself with the modern technologies for its progress as well as addressing the challenges associated with such technologies. In addition to live broadcast, the PTV would have to create quality products in the digital landscape, he added. In last six months of the caretaker government, he said, the PTV did unbiased reporting and gave due coverage to all the political parties across the board. He said the PTV’s mandate would not have any affect with the formation of the government since the prime objective of the national broadcaster was to report on the civic issues including economy and culture Lauding the national television on promoting the diverse culture and regional languages, he urged the PTV to continue its journey with the same spirit. He also highlighted the initiatives taken by the PTV during the tenure of caretaker government, including round-the-clock broadcast at the PTV Center Multan as well as launch of the PTV Bolan programmes in Hazargi language. He expressed the hope that the new government would further upgrade the PTV by introducing modern technologies. He congratulated the PTV management on successful launch of its newsletter.



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