Karachi:- (www.thenewslark.com) CEO KW&SC Engineer Syed Sallahuddin Ahmed made a detailed visit to the Hub Canal and reviewed and inspected the ongoing repair work on the canal, during the visit, Superintending Engineer Bulk Ghulam Mustafa Maghan and other officials accompanied him.

On this occasion, the CEO KW&SC issued orders to the concerned authorities to complete the repair work on an emergency basis and said to ensure the quick supply of water to the city from the Hub Canal, so that citizens do not face any kind of problem.

On the occasion of the visit, Superintending Engineer Bulk informed the CEO KW&SC about the repair work of the Hub Canal and said that the repair work on the Hub Canal is going on rapidly, which will be completed by tonight and from the tomorrow evening, normal water supply will be started from Hub Canal in District West and District Kemari.

He further informed that water is being supplied from the alternate line of K-3 in District West and District Kemari.

The spokesperson of KW&SC further said that the purpose of the visit of CEO KW&SC is to motivate the officers and employees and contractors who are working round the clock, because since February 4, the officers and employees of the Water Corporation have been on the canal and have been rendering their services continuously for twenty-four hours without any break, and concerned Chief Engineer, Superintending Engineer and Executive Engineer are personally supervising all the repair works, the spokesman said that the earlier dewatering pumps were installed to prevent water pressure by blocking the water from the hub dam to remove water from the canal, So that the repair work can be completed soon, after which stones were brought to strengthen the canal, from which the cracked area was fully reinforced with stone pitching and raw material, and now the RCC work on the cracked area is going on fast, the spokesperson further said that the entire process would have taken a long time to complete, but the CEO KW&SC keeping in mind the concerns of the citizens and due to his personal interest, this process is being completed soon, it should be noted that due to heavy rain and power breakdown at the Hub Pumping Station, the Hub Canal had cracked.


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