MURREE: PML-N supremo Nawaz Sharif termed the resignation of Justice Ijazul Ahsan, just eight months before becoming the next chief justice, ‘fishy’ and said there was more to the story. Addressing a public gathering at Murree’s GPO Chowk, the former premier said the judge who “disqualified me in 2018 is himself disqualified now”.Nawaz also expressed regret on Pakistan’s condition following his disqualification and departure after his conviction. “When I was the prime minister, I was serving the country, I ended load shedding, made electricity cheaper, ended inflation, built motorways, bread was for Rs4, flour, sugar, cooking oil and vegetables were cheap. The prices of the dollar and petrol were also low, the prices of tractors, fertilisers, cars and motorcycles were all affordable,” said Nawaz. “When everything was going well, why did you expel me?” he asked as he addressed party supporters. Taking a jibe at PTI founder and ex-prime minister Imran Khan, Nawaz said “Who was brought in my place, after I was removed?” He criticized Imran for promising one million homes and a billion tree project but never fulfilling the promises. Nawaz claimed a billion was spent on the scheme but the nation never saw the completion of the Billion Tree project. “Did anyone find a job or a house? They say that the youth of Pakistan is with them, but the real youth and the real nation are with me,” claimed the PML-N supremo. Promising infrastructure development in Murree, he said he also wishes for a train service between Rawalpindi and hill station. Referring to Kashmir, Nawaz said that Pakistan has always stood with its oppressed Kashmiri brethren and will continue to do so under all circumstances.


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