*Karachi (Staff Reporter)*

An award ceremony of the All Pakistan Jewelers Manufacturers Association was held at the Military Banquet. The ceremony was attended by Sindh Chamber of Commerce Chairman Jameel Ahmed Paracha, Karachi Gold Bullion Exchange Chairman Qasim Shakarpuri, Larkana Goldsmith Association President Haji Mehtab Ali Shah, Balochistan Goldsmith Association President Shah Muhammad, Karachi Electronic Dealers Association Vice President Salim Memon, Sindh Chamber of Commerce President Arshad Kam Kam, Pakistan Furniture Group Curtain Association President Mirza Sadiq Beg, Jubilee Alliance Chairman Abdul Ghani Memon, Fayaz Abu Bakr, Gulshan Goldsmith Market Vice Chairman Isaac Sheikh, Yunus Bacho Isaac, All Karachi Gold Traders All Karachi Gold Bullion Exchange Members Laboratory Owners participated in the ceremony.

The welcome speech was given by Adnan Paracha, and President Abdul Aziz, Jameel Ahmed Bracha, Qasim Shakarpuri, Salim Memon, and Chairman Muhammad Arshad addressed the ceremony. Prayers were offered for the security of Pakistan and all sectors were invited to join the tax net. On the occasion, awards, shields, and medals were presented to prominent personalities for their distinguished services. The ceremony was hosted by Nadir Sheikh.


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