Karachi:- (TNL Reporter) On the special instructions of CEO KW&SC Engineer Syed Sallahuddin Ahmed, the KW&SC officials have completed all arrangements for water supply and sewerage across the city in connection with the general elections to be held on February 8, 2024.

According to the spokesperson of KW&SC, various complaints of drainage have been eliminated around all the polling stations established across the city, while the work of desalting and cleaning with Jetting and Suction machines of sewage lines and manholes around the possible polling stations is going on rapidly.

The spokesperson of KW&SC said that the following the orders of CEO KW&SC, Jetting and Suction machines including water tankers will be present around the various polling stations on February 8 election day, so that the citizens do not face any kind of problem, while the KW&SC staff will also be present to deal with any complaints or emergencies.

He said that the KW&SC is working day and night to provide better water supply and sewerage facilities to the citizens, and in this regard, despite public holidays across the country, the staff of the KW&SC are busy performing their duties.

He further said that the KW&SC along with other related department including the ECP is taking full cooperation and measures to solve other problems, especially for the improvement of water supply and sewerage across the city.


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