Irfan Memon

After 9/11 it was the most difficult and tough time for Pakistan’s history and General Pervaiz Musharraf bravely faced the challenges and saved Pakistan from the tsunamic anger and Himalayan rage of world’s super power. He is a hero and will remain in history as a hero and it is very ugly move to drag his family into controversy which is not in the larger interest of the country. There is a need to focus on economic development, political stability in the country and to prepare the nation for the challenges Pakistan is facing. Such sort of controversy will affect the unity of the nation negatively. Irfan Memon, renowned industrialist and Central Information Secretary said this in a statement. He further said that in the absence of level playing field elections have lack of credibility and I fear that instead to bringing stability in the country it might further divide nation which would further bring tough time for Pakistan’s economy. Same faces which have seen nation several times in government and witnessed their bad governance and it is a very important question comes into the minds of common people that how they will improve and stabilize economy while they do not have any viable economic agenda and merely busy in rhetoric only. With the efforts of General Asim Munir economy has shown positive signs but would that these positive signs will continue after elections or would that these politicians will reverse these trends? He further said that All Pakistan Muslim League is a patriotic party and is well wisher of Pakistan but unfortunately, we have not been provided level playing field which forced us not to participate in the elections.

He said that soon he will call a very important press conference and will keep the nation aware about the current situation and bring into the notice of our policy makers to keep Pakistan first in their sight and avoid anything which is not in interest of Pakistan.  


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