Russian recruits take a bus near a military recruitment center in Krasnodar, Russia, Sunday, Sept. 25, 2022. Russian President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday ordered a partial mobilization of reservists to beef up his forces in Ukraine. (AP Photo)


By Dr.Syed Mehboob

Research Scholar, Analyst


United States of America and Europe pushed Ukraine in a fruitless war against Russia. This war is totally for the western interests and does not serve the interests of Ukraine and its people. With the passage of time frustration is growing in Ukraine and its signs are visible now. Global power scenario is changing. United States of America is no more sole superpower of the world. As on 29th November,2023 USA debt is US$ 33,835 billion, per citizen debt is US$ 100,692 and per tax payer debt is US$ 259,651. Its federal budget deficit is US$ 1,748 billion while its total GDP is US$ 27,736 billion.  On 10th November,2023 Moody’s changed outlook on the government of United States of America’s rating to negative from stable. The rating agency said it expects United States’ fiscal deficit will remain very large, significantly weakening debt affordability. Most of the European countries and United States of America are facing financial crisis. Food prices in USA  up 25% , Rent 20% , electricity 25% Car insurance 33%. Can they still afford helping Ukraine and Isreal? This has a question mark and must be debated.

The Washington Post reported that the Biden administration was planning to provide a package of US$ 100 billion for the ongoing war in Ukraine. This means it is playing gambling and the alternate sufferers are American taxpayers. The US House is in turmoil and had been a without a Speaker for more than two weeks now, a situation was in part brought on because some in the Republican conference were adamantly opposed to providing additional funds in the budget for Ukraine.

Situation has come to a very difficult point when America has to choose between Israel and Ukraine. Israel is American darling and it has been paying it US$ 3 billion to it every year since 2004. It has been paid US$ 124 billion in terms of military aid to Isreal since 1948. Pumping more money into Ukraine war by United States make little sense and is being questioned by tax payers and analysts. Analysts believe that it would be a wastage and a big mistake to continuously invest huge amount in Ukraine war. Ukraine is not going to win this war. By December 2022, the U.S Congress had approved US$ 113 billion in total economic and military aid to Ukraine.

American  strategy against Russia in Ukraine war is going to fail. The Ukraine offensive has not achieved its goals and did not reach Azov Coast, it did not reach the intermediate objective of Tokmak. The cost of Ukraine in men, material, and ammunition was staggering yet produced nothing on the ground. Although United States did not realize it mistake that it is playing big gamble with the cost of its own citizens’ deteriorating standard of life. It did not realize its Himalayan mistake when it attacked Afghanistan and after loss of trillions of dollars it realized its folly after eighteen years. If Ukraine was unable to break the Russian defensive lines after four full months of its continuous efforts, after six months of vigorous preparation and receiving US$ 46 billion in military aid, while also got intelligence support and military training so if there is any logic in supplying more arms and huge amount to Ukraine. There is no likely path of Ukrainian military victory, regardless of how much money Congress spends, large number of tanks it provides and huge quantity of shells it provided.

Ukrainian commander in Chief Valerii Zaluzhnyi admitted that war is at stalemate stage, stuck in high-intensity where liberating just a kilometer of mined, bombed out Ukraine land tends to cost hundreds of lives, thousands of shells and millions of dollars’ worth of equipment. Signs of frustration can be witnessed by the decision of Zelensky by firing of special Operation Forces Commander Viktor Khorenko, supposedly behind Zaluzhnyi’s back. This shows the worsening situation in the ground field. Ukraine’s summer counter offensive was fruitless without achieving any major strategic gains, while Russia has retaken the initiative in the country’s east.

Ukraine lost 66,000 troops and 7,600 heavy weapons in counter offensive. Since United States of America and Europe have huge power of their media therefore they are trying to conceal Ukraine’s losses and presenting Russian losses exaggeratedly. Sergei Shoigu, Russian Defence Minister said that Ukraine failed to achieve its goals at any part of the frontline. Despite the huge cost Ukraine regime continues its operation because it desperately needs to show some kinds of success to the west. Situation in Zaporizhzhia direction is tense. This is place where Russia destroyed first UK made challenger 2 tanks earlier. Wall Street Journal (WSJ) reported that European officials fear Ukrainian Military will collapse and might suffer huge losses in coming months. It is predicted that Ukraine’s position in battlefield may deteriorate in upcoming winter 2024 which might prove to be very tough and difficult for Ukrainian forces. This reflected amid losses for Ukrainian troops during their counter offensive. It has also been reported that Ukrainian forces are plagued with corruption and because of this becoming less effective and losing their spirit of patriotism which is must for victory in a war. Russia has competitive edge on military, economic and political fronts. Russia has far more men to replenish its battered army than the Ukrainians. Ukrainian president complained that aid deliveries from the west has declined. Last Week Zelensky admitted that counter offensive had not gone as planned, many of the replacement in the Ukraine army are men in their 40s and are sent to the trenches without sufficient training. It also has been reported that about forty thousand youth who were eligible for recruitment fled from Ukraine and another forty-one thousand who were trying to flee were arrested. This shows enormous frustration among Ukrainian youth who might think this war is fruitless and a total loss for Ukraine and its people. It is in interest of USA and other western countries and not in the benefit of Ukraine. Russia claimed that Ukraine suffered over 90,000 casualties since the start of offensive which is a huge loss. Ukrainian is loss more than 13,700 troops in just one month.

WAR brings destruction, killings, huge economic loss and it is not in favour of any nation. To run its weapon industry United States of America promotes war and makes investment in this dirty game. It has not learned lesson from Vietnam, Afghanistan and Iran which resulted a setback for its policies and now it also pampered Isreal to play a bloodbath of children in Ghaza and majority of world people are now turning against it. Unfortunately, West and USA are power drunk and power hungry they do not bother to listen any one but they are going to pay price of their war monger policies.




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