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Diplomacy is a very difficult, challenging and demanding task, needs special qualities, hardworking, far sightedness, firsthand knowledge of countries where diplomats’ duties are assigned. I have interviewed, met and discussed with many diplomats for the last several years. I encountered some diplomats with extra ordinary qualities and His Excellency Engineer Sami Abdullah Al Khanjari the Consul General of Oman is one of them. Brother Sami Abdullah Al Khanjari has a very attractive personality with a very special smile on his face, have warmth, sincerity, love, respect and a hospitality which is a centuries old treasure of Omani culture.

Brother Sami Abdullah is always available whenever I requested him for any meeting, discussion or an interview. He is always down to earth and I never felt he is a foreigner, alien or stranger and always felt that he is similar to  us, among us, there is no distance, no language barrier as he speaks beautiful Urdu. You will see him always in Omani attire, with traditional turban and he always greet and welcome you with respect and love. When you meet with him even first time, the walls of strangeness will fall and you will feel that you are sitting with your own family member. Not only me but every one is his fan. Whenever I discussed about his personality with any one I always found positive sentiments and opinion about him specially among business and media communities. Our Chief Editor and CEO Mr. Jawed Malik is also fan and admirer of Engineer Sami Abdullah Al Khanjari and has high regards for him.

Mr. Sami Abdullah is very keen to strengthen bilateral ties between Pakistan and Oman and is very active in this regard. He is very cooperative with business and media persons. He loves Pakistan, its culture and its people. He always admires Pakistan and when I took a delegation of Youth to Omani consulate he was very affectionate with them and advised them to never speak ill for their country. He said that Pakistani youth are highly talented and gifted and if they are guided in a right way they can turn Pakistan into a developed nation. He said Pakistan has great potential to develop and hoped that in coming years it will emerge as a great and dignified one among international community and will overcome its difficulties.

His Excellency Engineer Sami Abdullah Al Khanjari is the Consul General of Oman posted in Karachi since August 2022 and is very active, vibrant, highly patriotic person. He is a Telecom Engineer by profession and holds a bachelor’s degree in Telecom Engineering. This is his first posting as Head of Mission in Karachi. Earlier he was serving in the Missionary as Head of Telecom Department in his country. As an engineer, he has demonstrated his skills in his country. He keeps the pain of humanity in his heart. Last year when Pakistan witnessed severe flood, he felt deep sympathy for affected people and ordered a ship loaded with relief goods for the flood victims from his country and handed it over to the government of Pakistann to provide relief to flood victims. He also has a special passion for sports. He is often seen attending sporting events and encourages the athletes. He is highly respected and admired in all circles. He is a person dear to each and every one. His services to promote Pakistan and Oman relations are now part of history and will always be remembered.

I bow down my head to gratitude Almighty Allah to trillions times to thank Him that he has bestowed me the courage, creativity and research ability that I dedicated all my skills, abilities for my beloved country and I feel immense pleasure that I am part of historical efforts to promoting Pakistan Oman friendship and also very much thankful to His excellency Engineer Sami Abdulla Al Khanjari who always encouraged me and was always available whenever I requested for any kind of information. Insha Allah soon my articles are going to publish in book form. I request our readers, friends, well wishers  to remember me in their prayers.
















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