Phasing out single use plastic items govt’s foremost priority: Marriyum


ISLAMABAD:Minister for Information and Broadcasting Marriyum Aurangzeb on Monday reiterated the government’s commitment to curb use of plastic made items from routine life for preserving the planet earth from looming threat of climate change.

“Phasing out plastic shopping bags, plates, spoons, forks, containers, cups, bowls, knives, and similar single-use items is the government’s foremost priority,” the minister said in news statement issued in connection with the World Environment Day being observed today across the globe.

Theme for the World Environment Day 2023 is under the campaign #BeatPlasticPollution, ‘Ecosystem Restoration’.

The minister said, use of straws, lids and wraps for drinks would also have to be curbed at all cost for protecting the environment and biodiversity in the ecosystem.

She said the plan worked out by the Ministry of Climate Change to curb use of disposable items was a crucial step in the right direction.

Businesses community had also assured their cooperation in this regard, but the citizens would have to abandon plastic crockery and other items, she added.

Marriyum said today there was a need to renew commitment for ending environmental pollution caused by plastic and its products.

“We have to phase out use of everything that is inflict damage on environment,” she added.

From August 1 this year, she said a campaign would be launched in Islamabad to end use of disposable items which was a laudable step.

The minister said environmental woes were a global challenge and could only be overcome with collective efforts.

She urged the youth to make biodiversity conservation a mission of their life as this was the matter of humankind survival.

“By reducing carbon footprint, the looming threat of climate change can be averted,” she added.

“Conservation of marine life, micro-organisms, plants, fungi and all kinds of animals is conservation of life,” the minister remarked.

She said youth and children would have to become a force which would protect environment by curbing environmental pollution.

Collective efforts were needed to protect the planet earth for the incoming generations, the minister added.


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