Naveed Qamar commits to remove barriers facing business community


ISLAMABAD: Federal Minister of Commerce Syed Naveed Qamar held a meeting with a delegation of prominent business leaders from Sialkot to discuss the challenges faced by the exporters to explore potential solutions.

The meeting was attended by prominent members of the Sialkot business community, including manufacturers, exporters, and traders, said a press release issued here.

The discussion focused on the challenges facing the local business community, as well as ways to promote exports.

The minister expressed his commitment to supporting the business community and addressing their concerns.

He highlighted the importance of Sialkot’s role as a major contributor to Pakistan’s economy and acknowledged the challenges faced by local businesses in the face of global competition and changing market dynamics.

The business leaders from Sialkot raised several issues, including chamber membership issues, bureaucratic hurdles, and a lack of support from some public sectors.

In response, the minister proposed a number of measures aimed at addressing these issues.

He pledged to work with the relevant government departments to simplify procedures and reduce bureaucratic hurdles.

The delegation acknowledged the efforts of Naveed Qamar for Sialkot Chamber and its business community.

Meanwhile the delegation invited the minister to a trade exhibition being held in Canada in the near future where Pakistani products will be showcased.

The business delegation was comprising of Ashfaq (Ex chairman surgical association) Current executive committee member, Zarar Doodi Senior Vice Chairman Sports Goods Association, Omer Zaman vice Chairman and


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