President exhorts political leadership to sit together for country’s future


ISLAMABAD:President Dr Arif Alvi on Monday emphasized that the entire political leadership of the country should show magnanimity by burying their bitterness and come forward for the country’s progress and prosperity.

Pakistan was once a fast-developing country in the region, but now other countries were leading the path which required serious retrospection, he opined.

The president was addressing at the Paigham-e-Islam Conference as a chief guest. The event was attended by a large number of ambassadors, Ulema, parliamentarians and scholars.

The holy month of Ramazan taught the Muslims of the quality of forgiveness, therefore, all the political leadership of the country should emulate that quality in the face of prevailing challenges faced by the country, he added.

The president said considering the current challenges faced by the Muslim Ummah, it was imperative to draw strength from the Islamic values and qualities.

He said besides focusing on economic stability, the Muslim countries should also concentrate on seeking the knowledge, enabling them to address the contemporary challenges.

The president said he was appalled at the spectacles of macabre aggression and violence unleashed on the innocent people of Indian Illegally Occupied Jammu and Kashmir (IIOJK) and Palestine.

A danger of genocide was lurking over the Muslims in India as the mosques were being demolished with suppressed religious identity and freedom, he added.

He said it was indeed a difficult time for the Muslim Ummah, but he was optimistic that through collective efforts, cooperation and unity, they would overcome all the challenges.

The president further regretted that from human history, it was evident that mankind had not learnt from its bitter experiences of wrangling and tussles. The human race had witnessed large-scale massacres.

He said the teachings of the Holy Quran were eternal in nature which provided guidance to the human beings.

The president stressed upon the teaching of certain Islamic values to the coming generations, including the supreme quality of forgiveness. The Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) was an embodiment of that quality who forgave all his tormentors.


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