PM greets Christian community on Easter


ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Muhammad Shehbaz Sharif on Sunday felicitated the Christian community around the world, particularly the Pakistani Christian brothers and sisters on celebrating Easter.On his Twitter handle, the prime minister wished a very happy Easter to the Christian community.“Let us all vow to do our bit in making the world a peaceful place where communities can live in harmony & build a tomorrow of hope,” he further added.

In a separate press release of PM Office Media Wing, the prime minister reiterated that the government was committed to protecting the basic rights, lives and properties of all the religious communities of the country.Felicitating the Christian community, he observed that the occasion reflected upon mutual affection and respect as there was need of unity and interfaith harmony.

Easter reminded them of the fortitude of Hazrat Isa (AS) and his teachings about tolerance, brotherhood and love for humanity, he said, adding by following these teachings, peace and unity could be promoted in the society.

Lauding contribution of the Christian community, the prime minister said that they had not only played a vital role during the Pakistan Movement, but were also performing their part in the national progress and prosperity.

The prime minister further called upon to renew the pledge for making the world a peaceful abode where all the communities live in harmony and move ahead for a better future.


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