Barrister Wahab inaugurates two public amenities in Lyari

KARACHI – The Advisor to Chief Minister Sindh Barrister Murtaza Wahab inaugurated the Bilqees Bano Edhi Park at Kharadar and Ali Muhammad Qambrani Boxing Arena in Kakri Sports Complex Lyari by unveiling its Plaque in a simple but impressive ceremony on Friday here.
Speaking on the occasion, the Advisor to the CM Barrister Murtaza Wahab said that under the vision of chairman Bilawal Bhutto, PPP’s Sindh Government is committed to the people of Karachi for improvement in their quality of life through redevelopment of sports complexes, public parks, roads, streets, walkways and parking.
He further said that the KNIP has emerged as a highly professional and competent unit to focus on fast, economical and high impact facilities responding to emergent needs of the city.
The upgradation and rehabilitation of the Kakri Sports Complex and neighborhood was planned in line with the modern urban development concepts. It primary goal is to optimize the design of the connecting roads, streets, sidewalks, to connect various public open spaces and to create and develop open public spaces, provide shade features, street furniture and street lighting, bus stop shelters, parking for cars and Bikes, said Barrister Murtaza Wahab.
He further added that the purpose was to bring environment friendly urban spaces, ease in mobility and cultural promotion for the people with an inclusive and participatory approach.
Providing more details of the project, the Advisor to CM Sindh elaborated the specific initiatives and said the upgradation of Kakri Sports Complex, connecting roads, and Parks shall be completed in a couple of months to improve the living standard of the neighborhood and will enable the use of area for up-to-date sports facilities and smooth public and vehicle movability.
He said similar projects were also underway in other parts of Karachi including Saddar, Gizri, Ibrahim Hydri, Korangi, Saudabad, Sherpao Colony, Omar Colony, Soomar Kandiani Village, Khokhrapar, Malir, Boat Basin and other areas of Saddar, Malir and Korangi.
Mr. Murtaza Wahab pointed out that during the planning and design stage, the planners had taken a special account of desires of the people and involved the advisory committees comprised of renowned architects of Karachi so that the subprojects could be optimized to their full extend. If in the past there was any shortcoming in the design, it would be fixed, therefore, the outcome was a highly efficient and functional design which will resolve the problems of the people. He said, the errors or oversights of Phase-I were also corrected with the help of lessons learnt from finished projects.
A Boxing Match was also organized at the newly redeveloped arena where the spectators’ jubilation knew no bound.
It may be mentioned here that under a subsidiary project “REDEVELOPMENT OF KAKRI SPORTS COMPLEX AND NEIGHBORHOOD IMPROVEMENT, SOUTH KARACHI” of KNIP Phase II where roads, streets, public spaces, roundabouts, walkways  leading to the Kakri Sports Complex, and rehabilitation of public parks are under fast-pace upgradation and rehabilitation with an inclusive urban design approach.
Whereas, Bilqees Bano Edhi Park (formerly known as Allah Rakha Park) in Kharadar and Ali Muhammad Qambrani Boxing Arena in Kakri Sports Complex have been rehabilitated and upgraded within 8 months of their ground breaking to an attractive state-of-the-art public space based on a modern design theme
under the ongoing initiatives of the Planning and Development Department Government of Sindh with the assistance of the World Bank to revive the lost beauty of Karachi.
Lyari and Kharadar being the oldest inhabited parts of Karachi witnessed a significant decline in their quality of life. The key purpose to redevelop the Kakri Sports Complex and its neighborhood is to provide an ample space for sports as well as to improve public spaces and mobility.


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