Shura Hamdard Karachi chapter voiced strong concern over the growing lawlessness in the country in a monthly meeting held yesterday.


KARACHI: The members of the Shura Hamdard Karachi chapter voiced strong concern over the growing lawlessness in the country in a monthly meeting held yesterday at Hamdard Corporate Headoffice on the topic of “Increasing crime rate in Pakistan underlying reasons, solutions, and strategies.” The speaker Justice (r) Haziq-ul-Khairi presided over the meeting. Ms. Sadia Rashid, President Hamdard Group also attended the meeting.

Haziq-ul-Khairi in an opening statement said that such crimes were occurring in modern times that were not covered by the existing laws of the country. “There is a need to rewrite the Penal Code, Criminal Procedure, and Evidence Act in accordance with contemporary challenges. No one could have imagined that there would be tiny devices that aid in spying on people’s private lives. Modern-era technologies have enabled other countries to gain so much while we’ve regressed. People have become greedy and lust after money in general. This unhealthy obsession is a serious social illness and it must be addressed,” he added.

Justice (r) Zia Pervez said that there should be a concerted effort on a government level to understand the motivation and certain socioeconomic conditions that make people inclined toward committing crimes. It is also a fact that public sentencing and severe punishments in society do not help in curbing crime. A peaceful and progressive society must encourage frugality and simplicity, enforce laws, and make sure everyone has equal economic opportunities.

Commodore (r) Sadeed Anwar Malik suggested a higher pay scale for all those who are part of the judicial system. Moreover, there should be secure judicial complexes equipped with amenities and facilities in all provincial capital cities. These complexes should be where the families of judges, police, and staff can reside. This will ensure judges and police perform their duties without fear for the life of their loved ones.   

Professor Dr. Ikhlaq Ahmed suggested that the high-ranking officers of FIA, the Anti-Corruption Department, and NAB should be appointed by the standing committee of the National Assembly. In addition to that, the provincial Anti-Corruption departments and NAB should submit their findings and reports to Parliament on a weekly basis in a public hearing in order to expose the high-ranking corrupt politicians and bureaucrats. 

Dr. Rizwana Ansari shared the fact that more than 27 million youth are unemployed at the moment. “These youngsters are more prone to violence and may incline toward criminal activities or worse, they might get involved in terrorism since there have been no serious efforts to build their character and educate them. This is a dire situation and political parties must understand the gravity of the situation. We must control the population or else it will create colossal socioeconomic problems in the country,” she said.

Col (r) Mukhtar Ahmed Butt, Prof. Dr. Shaheen Habib, Shaikh Usman Damohi, Senator Abdul Haseeb Khan and Dr. Abu Bakr Shaikh also shared their thoughts in the meeting.



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