Hamdard Pakistan organized a session on Friday at Hamdard’s Corporate Head Office on the topic: “Philosophy of Hikmat”


KARACHI: Hamdard Pakistan organized a session on Friday at Hamdard’s Corporate Head Office on the topic: “Philosophy of Hikmat”, presided over by Ms Sadia Rashid, President Hamdard Foundation Pakistan. Prof. Dr. Abdul Wahab Suri, head of the Philosophy Department, University of Karachi was invited as a guest speaker.

Dr. Arshad Saleem explained the aims and objectives of the initiatives taken by Hamdard Pakistan to promote the philosophy and vision of Hikmat. He said that in order to further strengthen our relationship with Hikmat, it is imperative that people become aware of the basic concept of Hikmat. This will enable them to effectively convey and spread the message of Hamdard in society. In order to keep pace with the modern fast-paced world, the wider meaning of wisdom and thoughts should be defined in line with current needs.

He further said that Hamard was primarily a healthcare organization. However, the focus of our business was to promote a healthy lifestyle with awareness of general health among the masses. “The modern allopathic healthcare system is actually the Sickcare system that we use only when we are sick, whereas, an ideal healthcare system should be that which you can refer to in the state of health or infirmity to get useful health advice for yourself. It is also worth mentioning that health is not a state of wellness alone in its literal sense. In fact it is wellness and wellbeing. If wellbeing is not available, then health does not exist in its entirety. That is why Hamdard Pakistan adopted a new theme: aafiyat se jeetay raho! which clearly reiterates our commitment to health and wellness of our country,” he said.

Prof. Dr Abdul Wahab Suri said: “Spirituality has not been taken into account in the present-day healthcare system, due to which diseases are increasing continuously. It would be unfair not to acknowledge the value of modern medical sciences in understanding details about human body parts. We must benefit from their findings and research. However, we also need to keep in mind the fact that in modern medical sciences, a human is just a psycho-chemical organism like other living beings.”

He further said: “Hikmat offers a much more comprehensive healthcare system than conventional medicine, based on its approach to addressing health issues holistically. That is why Hikmat should be presented to the international community as an alternative healthcare system. Hikmat’s methods of diagnosis and prevention are concrete, detailed and comprehensive.”

The senior staff and management along with employees of different divisions attended the session in large number.


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