MD KWSB assures industries not to cut sub-soil lines unless provided alternate ,Salahuddin assures an allocation for SITE industries in K4 quota


KARACHI: The Managing Director/ CEO of Karachi Water & Sewerage Board (KWSB), Syed Salahuddin Ahmed has announced that no sub-soil water connection of any industry will be cut unless they are provided with an alternative by the KWSB. We have to keep industries running which are the backbone of the country. He was addressing members of SITE Association of Industry on the occasion of his visit. He was accompanied by high officials of his department.

MD KWSB said that Focal Person has been nominated to coordinate with Association on day to day matters. Speaking about Hub Dam, he said that as per reports received, 1.25-million-acre ft. water spilled over from Hub Dam this year which means that Hub Dam’s height raising is also required.

Syed Salahuddin Ahmed assured to make an allocation for SITE industries in K4 quota and further said that PC-I of Hub Dam water line will also be taken up on priority. He informed that the PPP Board has approved our recycling project of 35 MGD at TP-1 and now we are proceeding with RFQ. KWSB is also working on a state-of-the-art leakage system.  All Executive Engineers offices will be refurbished, empowered and will be provided with Winching Machine under KWSSIP for sewerage system cleaning and they will give schedules of sewerage cleaning on a regular basis.

Earlier, President SITE Association of Industry (SAI) Riaz Uddin welcomed the M.D./CEO KWSB Syed Salahuddin Ahmed and highlighted the water related issues of the area which in particular included supply, drainage and sewerage related issues. SAI President requested M.D./CEO KWSB shared his plan for the SITE area under Karachi Water & Sewerage Services Improvement Project (KWSSIP). There is hardly any water in SITE Limited/KWSB lines.

However, the industries have to buy quantity through sub-soil contractors. SAI President requested KWSB to share SOP to control & repair leakages.  Riaz Uddin further briefed about roads construction works in SITE Area and suggested the MD/CEO KWSB to take this as an opportunity to unearth all the issues and to carry out improvement, repair and maintenance works at this time, taking SITE Limited in coordination.

Chief Coordinator and Former President Saleem Parekh said that the leak repair and management system is badly needed in the SITE area. If industrialists go for the repair of leaks, they are charged with illegal connection. So, it is better that the KWSB Leak Repairing Team sits in the office of the Association and works as a Complaint Helpdesk. He also complained about Anti-Theft Cell who raised undue demands to get permission to repair leakages and requested the MD/CEO KWSB to look into it.

Former President Jawed Bilwani on this occasion said that water leakages damage the road, causing losses of billions of rupees and added that in the past KWSB had four scanning machines to scan leakages. In the past, there were excuses like no water in the hub dam, no rains etc. Hub dam is now spilling over. In fact, KWSB has no water but only excuses to offer. Utility lines were laid in the 1950s to cater to the needs of industry and are obsolete now.

He said that water is costlier only in Karachi than other parts of Pakistan unlike all other utilities which are billed at the standard rates of across the country. This is making industries of Karachi uncompetitive and forcing them to close down which will not only lead to mass unemployment but also create a law & order situation. He said that water is being provided to illegal projects whereas fully legalized and old customers are running without water and same is the matter with residential areas.

Former Chairman Younus Bashir referred to an earlier meeting held with KWSB wherein it was decided that at least 8-10 MGD water shall be supplied to SITE industries. Regarding CETP he said that the Government of Sindh is not interested in this project which will create more problems for the industries. He seconded nomination of Focal Person to deal with day to day matters related to KWSB and requested to supply water to industries as per requirement.

On this occasion, MD/CEO KWSB gave a detailed presentation on the reforms being introduced in KWSB under World Bank funding.


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