Shah Muhammad Zarkoon Assistant Professor

The history is manifesting itself throughout human history around globe, the moment human polluted its consciousness, rationality, morality and code of conduct, the climate played its worst against such anomalies of man on plant. We have to zoom out such antagonistic behavior of Asian Civilization of South Asia particularly in sub-continent bringing about the natural disasters, heavy floods, and famines and droughts.

The term ‘agonistic behavior’ was introduced into research on aggression and violence in the middle of the twentieth century. Aggression has been generally defined as behavior which results in physical or psychological harm to another person. Agonistic behavior was more broadly defined as adoptive acts which arise out of conflicts between two members of the same species. Such aggression is the result of competitive, mechanical struggle for gaining more and more among human genera of modern age resulting many times inform of wars, bloodsheds, discontent. The man’s greed of unending race lead him to worsen the situation when such collective agonistic behavior is exhibited against the natural balanced cycle established long before human appearance on plant.

In words of Thomas Hobbes an English Jurist ‘man is not a social animal rather man is a pure animal’ till date hundreds of wars have been fought and unlimited number of people were killed in these wars, if we analyze all such bloody actions of human we can conclude these wars were


result two dimensions either greed or hatred based on race, color, gender, economic, social and political dominance and geographic expansions.

The Indian subcontinent is an important and integral part of South Asia comprising over two major countries, Pakistan and India separated by virtue of Indian Independence Act, 1947 by declaring freedom from the British Colonization. Since the day first both of the states have been in continuous agonistic, aggressive and violent mood against each based on geological , economic

, political disputes though huge masses of population in both countries are living underneath line of poverty facing illiteracy, hygienic food security, international instabilities , shaky governance systems, weak or unreformed justice systems.

Instead earlier stated facts, the human life is could not called a life of standard human particularly with reference of sub-continent in South Asian region.

Major cities of both countries are densely populated, untrained, and unskilled though educated and degree holders, are playing a role of disaster provoking characters by indulging in activities that are causing pollution from conscious to environment ranging from skies to the earth. The governance system that ought to be thought working for the welfare of public are engaged in creating competitive , industrialized social, political surrounding with sole purpose of earning more and more through sufferings of human fellows and tactics of enslaving the atmosphere and environment, consequently men has caused an extreme anger in the friendly attitude of our natural environment inform of enmity exhibiting itself through heavy floods, starvations, earthquakes, deforestation and many others. Whenever in the history man moved against nature and its established paths, the nature took the revenge thousands of men lost their lives and thousands are displaced, masses are at mercy of nature’s curse. There is a need in the modern age that the attitude of governance system, political movements, social organization of the societies in subcontinent to immediately mend their way of life styles towards creating friendly environment and friendly nature.


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