Presidential system best suits Pakistan, says Motiwala


KARACHI: Chairman Business Group Muhammad Zubair Motiwala has said that the presidential system is best suited for Pakistan. He was addressing to a dinner hosted by Muhammad Akram Rana chairman of Rana Builders and Developers at Khan Sahib restaurant in honour of KCCI and the Association of Builders and Developers (ABAD).

Besides Motiwala, Mohsin Shaikhani, Hanif Gohar, Tariq Yousuf, Altaf Tai, Atiq Mir and others were present.

Zubair Motiwala said that country is facing a lot of problems due to political instability.

Karachi generates 54 per cent of exports and 68 per cent of revenue, but sadly this megacity is orphaned.


The newly elected chairman of ABAD Altaf Tai said with unity all problems could be resolved. He said a joint struggle would be waged to safeguard the interests of builders.

ABAD patron-in-chief Mohsin Shaikhani said Karachi generates the lion’s share of taxes but its businessmen face a lot of problems.

Muhammad Hanif Gohar Chairman of Gohar Group said Siraj Qasim Telli was a brave leader of traders and he would raise his voice for traders on any platform.

Tariq Yousuf said KCCI is the best platform for businessmen.

Muhammad Akram Rana said ABAD raised a brave voice on the issue of Nasli Tower. He thanked people from all walks of life for attending the program.

Light House Association President Hakeem Shah said traders are fully united.

On the occasion, Atiq Mir, Abdul Majeed Aziz, Saleem Habib, Abdul Salam Qadri, SM Alam, Hamad Poonawala, Abdul Jabbar Rathore and others also spoke.

Nadeem Yousuf, Jewa, AQ Khalil, Saad Shafiq, Idress Memon, Tahir Khalid, Khawaja Jamal, Shakir Memon, Haroon Farooqui, Khawar Mir and others were present.


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