Usman Chachar,A Genius and efficent CS AJK


By: Basit Khan

Historical accounts and empirical evidence support the claim that bureaucratic effectiveness and the development are strongly correlated. And narrative evidence by historians and political scientists fuels the idea that establishing an effective bureaucracy has been vital to the development of modern nation and states. The Chief Secretary has a key role in the AJK’s development and establishing good governance and strengthening the political and ideological relationship between the AJK and Pakistan. The people of Azad Kashmir, have not only ideological but also religious and emotional ties with Pakistan and this is the reason why their expectations regarding Pakistan have always been so high. Azad Jammu Kashmir is a sensitive area where it is difficult for lent officers to win hearts and minds of people. The role of Chief Secretary in AJK has been more dependable, the responsibilities are increased when there are governments of different ideologies in the federation and Azad Kashmir.

Mohammad Usman Chachar was appointed as Chief Secretary in AJK in May 2022 who played a key role in solving the unresolved issues between the federal government and the Azad government since his appointment. He is utilizing his full potential and capabilities to strengthen the ideological and intellectual links between the people of two regions. He has proved by his behavior that whoever the government should be, the officer goes with the state and the actions and sympathies of the government officer are with the state. Due to his excellent administrative skills, the developmental process in the state is paced up and merit & governance are progressing rapidly in the territory. When the AJK cabinet decided not to present the 2022-23 budget in the event of cuts by Islamabad on the region’s budgetary grants in past June, the present chief secretary played vital role in straightening out the issues.

Muhammad Usman Chachar is a very capable officer and efficient bureaucrat with good reputation. He belongs to Pakistan Administrative Services and has extensive experience in administrative matters. He is a professional officer with extra ordinary skills. He is also a MBBS doctor, MBA and Law graduate. The CS has the ability to look at big picture with holistic view to address any organizational or systemic issue.

Good governance is the key to resolve problems being faced by the common man, The Chief Secretary has played a significant role in terms of good governance, including bringing the selection board for the appointment of the secretary to the government. For a quality and rapid service delivery there was dire need to have a proper system within the departments so that the issues could be addressed effectively in a befitting manner. Stressing the need for a well-coordinated system, he said while talking to media persons in the state capital “Once you have a system in place, you get things done properly”. The Chief Secretary is trying his best to contribute to make the system stronger. This is the reason that the masses in the Azad State are praising his initiatives.

The Chief Secretary is vigorously working on the long-standing issues of AJK, especially to create new employment opportunities and increasing the income of the state. Chief Secretary’s efforts on local body elections, upcoming census of Azad Kashmir, health, development of infrastructure and backing-up of information technology are commendable. The Chief Secretary has asked all the departments for the details of their daily duties as well as their plan for the next year which is immense step towards the bright future.The massive potential in the fields of information, hydel, minerals and tourism could be greatly helpful in stabilizing the state’s economy. The Chief Secretary’s focused and committed to take advantage of this potential.

The unemployment has spiked up to 14 percent and the government is right now the biggest employer in AJK. Tourisms is a major contributor to employment opportunities particularly for women, youth and indigenous people and can lead to the reduction of poverty in this region also. The Govt of AJK is taking measures to promote tourism in Azad Kashmir. In this connection the CS has also visited the Neelum and Leepa Valley in recent days to review tourist attractions.


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