Govt caves into farmers’ demands as deadlock comes to an end


ISLAMABAD: The federal government Tuesday agreed to the protesting farmers’ demands, who have been holding a sit-in in the capital for almost a week.

In a press conference after holding the latest round of talks with the farmers, Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah said that Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif has formed a committee to resolve protesters’ issues.

“The committee will hold negotiations with the farmers tomorrow. All the issues of the farmers will be resolved,” the interior minister said, urging the protesters to end their sit-in, who did not budge for nearly a week despite repeated talks.

The minister also urged all those supporting the farmers in their sit-in to return to their homes as a ministerial committee would hear all their reservations.

“The country will prosper once the farmer prospers,” Sanaullah said.

He added that the government has agreed to the farmers’ demand regarding the fuel adjustment charges and the deferment in the payment of bills.

The Kissan Ittehad — comprising farmers from across Punjab — has demanded the removal of taxes and adjustments and the restoration of the previous tubewell electricity rate of Rs5.3 per unit.

The demonstrators had also demanded an end to the black marketing of fertilisers and a reduction of the urea rate.

The federal government had called in a heavy contingent of law enforcement agencies (LEAs) to contain the protesters as they were near the Red Zone.


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