Pak-Japan new initiatives


KARACHI: “The AOTS of Japan is well set to offer new initiatives to upscale, enhance and upgrade technical and entrepreneurial skills of workers and staff of member companies of Employers’ Federation of Pakistan(EFP) by offering free or subsidized programs either online or visits to Japan. These would be offered through various planned programs so that the modern methods and systems are imparted beneficially”. This was stated by Eiji Teshima, newly appointed Regional Director of AOTS office based in New Delhi in a meeting hosted by EFP in Karachi.

Teshima recounted the support and cooperation accorded by AOTS to EFP over the past decades and highlighted the benefits that trainees as well as companies have achieved. He said that unfortunately, COVID restricted visits to Japan but despite this, AOTS continued to provide online programs that in actuality benefited many more that was not possible in physical mode. “Japan is ending all COVID restrictions from 10 October and this would enable AOTS to invite trainees to Japan. He said one or two seminars would be conducted in Japan in the coming months while in the next fiscal year, more programs of one week to two weeks would also be conducted”, he disclosed.


Regional Director further elaborated that AOTS is now planning to expand its support for African countries. Moreover, Expert Dispatching Programs would be held, but only for Japanese companies based in foreign countries, including Pakistan. Another project for foreign-based employees of Japanese companies and these companies would bear cost for universities while lectures would be subsidized by AOTS.


He added that seminars would be held focusing on sustainability and environment. He also offered the full support of AOTS in assisting any quality assurance based company in Pakistan with regard to providing certification under the Japanese International Standards.

Earlier, Zaki Ahmed Khan, Acting President EFP, while welcoming the guest appreciated the support extended by AOTS to EFP.


He called for more programs for EFP members including seminars and training programs in Pakistan. He again renewed the invitation for holding the annual AOTS Workshop in Karachi and reminded him that EFP has been lobbying for this since many years. He further added that EFP places lot of importance to AOTS programs and informed that many companies have been demanding more inclusion of their workers and staff in programs in Japan.


Majyd Aziz, Former EFP President, proposed that AOTS must now consider Pakistan for more programs including in Japan and Pakistan. He recalled that when he was invited to Tokyo, he had convinced the President and Managing Director to hold programs in Karachi and was successful in this respect and even the Managing Director led the AOTS team to Karachi to conduct programs. He also offered the services of experts from EFP membership to train and mentor counterparts in Africa. He further advised that since EFP is the apex body of Pakistani employers, AOTS must work closely with EFP to achieve common objectives.


Fasihul Karim Siddiqi, Senior Advisor EFP, proposed that AOTS could assist in establishing the EFP Skill University in Karachi to impart modern skills to Pakistani workers. He further said that EFP has the ways and means to develop the curricula, hire faculty, and provide all services to make the venture successful.


He also informed that EFP, in collaboration with IBA, which is the premier business educational institution, has been conducting diploma courses in Employment Laws and Industrial Relations for senior Human Resource executives of member companies. He requested AOTS to facilitate by providing Japanese lecturers, online and physical, so that these executives can learn more from the Japanese system.



Syed Nazar Ali, Secretary General EFP, emphasized the urgent need for skills development and said that in his opinion, the Japanese methods would be very useful and beneficial for Pakistanis. Feroz Alam, EFP Director and President EFP AOTS Alumni Society of Pakistan said that the organization would now become more effective since the Pandemic Crisis is now practically over. He said that the AOTS Alumni in Pakistan are eager to promote AOTS and would also be willing to mentor and guide future trainees.


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